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    Thought Leadership


    FMIs and Cloud: Building the Business Case

    Technology continues to pace the evolution of markets, but for financial market infrastructures (FMIs), cloud transformation can be challenging to assess using a traditional total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) framework. In a paper from Celent, a rethought TCO equation is argued for that captures the holistic costs of FMIs “standing still."


    Planning for Cloud: Regulatory Considerations for FMIs When Choosing a Cloud Service Provider

    As market infrastructures advance their cloud strategies and relationships with cloud service providers (CSPs), it’s vital they bring regulatory stakeholders in early and often. This report highlights the increasing adoption of cloud tech among FMIs, who are using it to foster innovation, improve efficiency, and enhance resilience in capital markets.


    2024 Outlook: State of Cloud Adoption at FMIs

    Based on lived experience in migrating three markets to the Cloud and on insights and observations gathered from delivering mission-critical market infrastructure solutions worldwide, Nasdaq has compiled a new viewpoint paper aimed at providing the 2024 Outlook for Cloud in Market Infrastructure.


    2023 Cryptocurrency Regulation Guide​

    Regulation of cryptocurrency varies globally by region, jurisdiction, and regulatory body. Nasdaq’s comprehensive and updated 2023 Cryptocurrency Regulation Guide identifies all the major policies around the world that govern the regulation of crypto assets.

    Product Content


    Nasdaq CSD Technology Factsheet

    Consistent with international standards and best practices, Nasdaq CSD Technology delivers a stable and high-performing core infrastructure for multi-asset depository, settlement and corporate actions with high throughput. In parallel, the agile solution enables CSDs to innovate and realize new business opportunities like expansion into digital assets, international custody and securities financing.


    Nasdaq Exchange Matching Technology Factsheet

    With over 50 years' experience of operating electronic exchanges, Nasdaq offers multi-asset trading technology purpose-built for efficient and robust matching across a broad spectrum of market models and needs.


    Nasdaq Market Surveillance Factsheet​

    Nasdaq Market Surveillance has nearly 30 years of experience as the industry benchmark for real-time and T+1, cross-market, cross-asset surveillance. Owning and operating 18 venues enables Nasdaq to provide customers with unique surveillance advisory and best meet each client’s distinct surveillance needs.


    Nasdaq Trade Surveillance Factsheet​

    Read the factsheet to learn how Nasdaq Trade Surveillance meets and helps overcome difficulties in data sorting, management, and trade alerts.

    Blogs, Articles, and News


    New Portfolio Margin Models Bring Benefits, but Also Challenges, to Risk Management

    Volatility and high interest rates continue to impact energy and commodity markets. Add in new margin calculations and the operational complexity for traders and brokers rises. This blog is the first in a series examining market conditions and the value of granular, real-time risk insights.

    Nadaq FinTech Blog

    Social Media Monitoring with Market Surveillance Tools​

    Social media has evolved into a powerful tool that empowers people to distribute information to the whole world. While this improves the way we socialize and work, some bad actors have harnessed these channels for market abuse. Tony Sio, Head of Regulatory Strategy and Innovation, discusses the importance of social media monitoring in market surveillance.


    Indonesia Stock Exchange Partners with Nasdaq to Upgrade Market Infrastructure

    The technology partnership will further enhance overall resilience and integrity of the exchange, while supporting the rapid deployment of new products and services. The scalable trading platform will quadruple transaction capacity and support development of the Indonesian economy.

    Nadaq FinTech Blog

    Report: Post-trade Infrastructure in Focus as Regulation Grows and Legacy System Age

    A new report from Nasdaq and ValueExchange details the challenges and opportunities facing financial market infrastructures (FMIs). Read this blog by Magnus Haglind, SVP, Head of Products, Marketplace Technology, detailing insights and findings from the report.

    Regulatory News


    Enhancing Colombian Regulatory Reports with Data Dictionaries

    Data dictionaries have emerged as a critical tool for enhancing the efficiency of regulatory reporting to the benefit of Colombia’s financial institutions and the Superintendencia Financiera de Colombia (SFC).


    Imminent BACEN Credit Losses Resolutions: CMN 4966, BCB 352, and SCR

    Banco Central do Brazil IFRS 9 ECL resolutions require complex calculations, reconciliation, and effective governance. Read the article to learn more. 


    GameStop: A Catalyst For SEC Rule 13F-2 Short Selling Disclosure

    Even a meme thread can impact retail investors and institutional investors. GameStop was a catalyst for SEC Rule 13F-2 short selling disclosure and now market participants must prepare for January 2025. Learn more here.


    Liquidity Stress Testing Post the Financial Crisis​

    After the recent shocking wake-up call, bankers and regulators alike are preparing for the post-banking crisis world. Market participants in the U.S. are asking themselves if Reg YY's call for liquidity stress testing (LST) is enough. Read here to learn about 12 factors that comprise a robust, data-driven solution.

    Client Community


    JPX Case Study: Resilience for Today, Scalability for Tomorrow

    Learn how Nasdaq’s technology is powering trading, market surveillance, ETD and OTC clearing, risk- and collateral management at Japan Exchange Group (JPX).


    Depósito Central de Valores (DCV) Case Study

    Learn how Depósito Central de Valores (DCV) leverages Nasdaq technology to modernize and evolve Chile’s capital markets infrastructure for future growth.


    Leading Mid-Tier US Bank Selects Nasdaq Calypso to Digitalize Its Foreign Exchange Business

    To grow their FX businesses in a volatile environment driven by global challenges, banks must digitalize processes, end-to-end. Read here to learn how this growing regional bank is making that strategic transformation happen — utilizing the Nasdaq Calypso front-to-back FX solution, fully integrated Nasdaq CapCloud™, and Nasdaq Calypso e-FX Portal to the benefit of its traders, sales desks, and customers.


    US Insurance Company Switches to Nasdaq CapCloud for Modernization

    In a challenging operating landscape that focuses on efficiency and cost reduction, to thrive, firms must allocate resources more strategically. Read here to learn how a major life-insurance firm transformed its derivatives trading and processing ecosystem with the Nasdaq Calypso front-to-back SaaS solution — modernizing its systems while relying on Nasdaq CapCloud™ experts to manage the environment.



    Nasdaq Pulse: 2024 Capital Markets Outlook

    Macro events driving focus on capacity planning, global impacts from the North America T+1 reform and refining modernization strategies to successfully mobilize change. In this Nasdaq Pulse, Magnus Haglind, Head of Marketplace Technology, discusses key strategic themes that will dominate FMIs’ agendas in 2024.


    Nasdaq Pulse: 2024 Banks and Brokers Outlook

    Gil Guillaumey, Head of Capital Markets Technology at Nasdaq, provides insights into the 2024 outlook for banks and brokers. He discusses the evolving landscape of regulations, market reforms, and infrastructure modernization initiatives that are impacting the financial industry.


    TradeTalks: Results of the SECs 2024 Examination Priorities Report

    The Securities and Exchange Commission recently published its 2024 Examination Priorities report. Tony Sio, Head of Regulatory Strategy and Innovation for Anti-Financial Crime at Nasdaq, joins Jill Malandrino on Nasdaq TradeTalks to discuss the purpose of the report and what it covers.


    FinextraTV: Monitoring for Market Abuse Across Related Instruments

    Ian Hawkins, head of Product Management at Nasdaq speaks to FinextraTV's Hannah Wallace about a recent prosecution by Dutch regulator, the AFM, and provides insights into the type of tradeable products that can be subject to this type of market abuse as well as some of the manipulative devices used.

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