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    Nasdaq Data Link

    The Next Evolution in Data


    The right insights, data and technology can create limitless possibilities.

    Nasdaq Data Link is a powerful, centralized, cloud-based technology platform providing access to more than 250 trusted data sets, available via API.

    Search, discover and build.

    Competitive Advantages

    Superior Data

    Curated, Actionable Intelligence

    We research, select, prepare and deliver unique, high-quality data. Fewer than 1 in 100 datasets we analyze become products, resulting in a curated, best-in-class catalog.

    Established World-Wide

    Industry Trusted

    Over 800,000 professionals, including analysts from the world’s top data-driven organizations, hedge funds, retail brokerages and more, rely on us for premium data.

    Inclusive Support

    Built for Accessibility

    Nasdaq Data Link provides access to best-in-class APIs, extensive documentation, customer support and integrations with tools such as R, Python, Excel and more.

    Clients are constantly looking to us as a partner so that we can help them access, digest, and deliver information quickly. It’s not just about us serving the data but serving a partnership.

    Being agile with product is an important way for us to keep in touch with our client’s needs.”



    Featured Products

    Nasdaq Basic  ->

    Nasdaq Basic is the combination of the Nasdaq Best Bid and Offer delivered via QBBO in combination with Nasdaq Last Sale (NLS) Plus.

    Nasdaq TotalView  ->

    Real-time data feed that displays the full order book depth on Nasdaq, including every quote and order at every price level for Nasdaq-, NYSE-, NYSE American- and regional-listed securities on Nasdaq.

    Nasdaq ESG Data Hub  ->

    Nasdaq fully supports the Sustainable Development Goals ("SDG"s) created by the United Nations ("UN"). Data sets cover standardized ESG performance metrics; risk metrics and analytics; gender equality data and more.

    Nasdaq Last Sale  ->

    Comprehensive, affordable access to all Nasdaq U.S. market last sale data and consolidated volumes. NLS Plus includes all trade data from The Nasdaq, FINRA/Nasdaq TRF, Nasdsaq BX and Nasdaq PSX.

    Global Index Data Service  ->

    Provides consolidated access to real-time and historical index and constituent level data for all Nasdaq indexes, as well as exchange-traded products (ETPs) valuation data and third-party index data.

    Nasdaq Smart Options  ->

    Designed to provide a cost-efficient, low-bandwidth method to consume the full Options Price Reporting Authority (OPRA) data feed while still delivering the necessary dataset that firms require for options trading.

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    Data Management

    Nasdaq Data Link Blog

    Nasdaq Data Link is a premier source for financial, economic and alternative datasets. Visit our blog for an introduction to a series of blog posts exploring the data factory, the premier approach to data management.

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