Nasdaq Ventures

Nasdaq Ventures is a global venture investing program focused on cultivating talent and technology advancement within financial services—spurring innovation that aligns with and accelerates our vision to reimagine the markets of tomorrow.

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Launched as our venture investment arm in 2017, Nasdaq Ventures is dedicated to discovering, investing in and collaborating on new technologies and groundbreaking solutions that align with our company's long-term objectives in the global capital markets.

Disruption. innovation. ambition.
Embracing disruption
Investing in pioneering fintech firms, who are developing unique technologies, continues our history of being a platform and partner of choice for the most innovative companies in the world.
Adena Friedman, President & CEO
We Invest in Innovation
We partner with future-forward companies across industries—from data and analytics to emerging markets and machine learning—who push the boundaries of innovation.
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Investments provided by Nasdaq Ventures range from $1M to $10M and from Seed through Series C. Each investment drives at and reinforces our mission to reimagine the markets of today by strategically aligning with our key business areas: Corporate Services—including listings and technology solutions for company c-suites—Information Services, Market Infrastructure Technology and the Operation of Capital Markets.

Venture-backed companies will help Nasdaq grow new product lines, open new market segments and accelerate our mission to transform global markets everywhere.

Areas of Investment Focus

Markets Everywhere

Our technology and expertise is empowering others to establish markets that don’t exist today.


We are creating faster and more transparent financial solutions by advancing innovation in blockchain and digital transfer.

Artificial Intelligence

AI and machine learning are driving our business forward and helping us unlock new market intelligence for our customers.

Data Analytics

Our market insights are powering capital markets and economies anywhere and everywhere.


We are developing innovative technology to address regulatory challenges in financial services.




Research and Development

Beyond venture investments, Nasdaq commits resources to both academic organizations and globally recognized think tanks to further advance its products and services.

We are proud to partner with leading universities around the country:

      Columbia University

      KTH Royal Institute of Technology

      Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

      University of California Berkeley 

      Yale University

Beyond these world-class academic institutions, Nasdaq is a participant in IDEO CoLab, which was launched in 2015 by IDEO, Fidelity, Nasdaq, Citi, and the Harvard Innovation Lab. 

The CoLab is a collaborative R&D Lab exploring emerging technologies and their future impact and opportunities. Recently Nasdaq partnered with Filament and IDEO to produce a working protype to show how a solar panel can track its own energy generation and automatically issue a renewable energy certificate to its owner.

Help Transform the Markets of Tomorrow

  • If your company shares our commitment to innovation and you believe your technology can help transform our business, apply to Nasdaq Ventures today.

    If your company shares our commitment to innovation and you believe your technology can help transform our business, apply to Nasdaq Ventures today.

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