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    Trade Global Markets

    Our multi-asset trading and market services cover 18 markets, one clearinghouse and four central depositories. We are home to approximately 4,000 total listings with a market value of approximately $14 trillion, helping to make the financial markets more accessible to investors of all sizes.

    Equities & Equity Derivatives

    U.S. Equities  ->

    Nasdaq offers three exchanges renowned for industry leading technology and service at the center of price formation.

    Canadian Equities  ->

    Providing growing liquidity and operational excellence for Canadian equity trading.

    Nordic Equities  ->

    Nordic Equities Nasdaq Nordic offers one common gateway to trading of Nordic cash equities.

    Baltic Equities  ->

    Nasdaq Baltic market represents a joint offering of Nasdaq’s exchanges in Tallinn, Riga, and Vilnius and Nasdaq CSD.

    U.S. Equity Derivatives & Index Options  ->

    Through our market for U.S. equity derivatives, we seek to bring enhanced functionality and world-leading technology to power our suite of options exchanges and products.

    Nordic Equities Derivatives & Index Options  ->

    Through our market for Nordic Equity derivatives, we seek to bring enhanced functionality and world-leading technology to power our suite of options exchanges and products.

    Exchange Traded Products

    Nasdaq ETFs  ->

    Trusted ETF partner with the comprehensive resources you need to navigate and tap baskets of opportunity.

    Nordic Exchange Traded Products  ->

    A broad range of ETPs in the Nordic region, including ETFs, ETNs and AIFs.

    Nordic Warrants and Certificates  ->

    Nasdaq offers a leading market for Warrants and Certificates in the Nordics.

    Fixed Income

    Nordic Fixed Income Trading  ->

    Transparent and efficient trading of debt instruments.

    Baltic Fixed Income  ->

    Regional index and listing solutions for the Baltic Fixed Income Market.


    NFX Regulation  ->

    Nasdaq MarketWatch provides real-time surveillance for NFX Market activity.

    Nordic & European Power  ->

    Manage power price risks efficiently.

    European Commodity Exchange  ->

    Regulated marketplace offering trading and clearing of a wide range of commodity related products.


    Market Status Site  ->

    The Market Status site provides status and information of trading and clearing system availability for Nasdaq Nordic.

    North American Markets Co-Location and Connectivity  ->

    Co-locate trading equipment within Nasdaq's primary data center and provide proximity to the liquidity of our U.S. markets.

    European Market Connectivity  ->

    Access to the Nasdaq European platforms can be obtained through a variety of different options.

    INET Nordic Protocol Specification  ->

    The protocol specifications are necessary for participants trading application integration with INET Nordic platform.

    Genium INET Protocol Specifications  ->

    Nasdaq supports FIX, OMnet, ITCH and AMD integration to the Genium INET platform.

    Post-Trade Services

    Post-Trade Reporting  ->

    The FINRA/Nasdaq Trade Reporting Facility (FINRA/Nasdaq TRF) brings you efficient, real-time Post-Trade Reporting.

    WorkX Trade Reporting and Monitoring  ->

    Seamlessly enhance trade reporting, regulatory compliance and guard against risk. The next generation of Workstation on a modern user interface and technology stack.

    Back Office Systems  ->

    Customized securities processing for flexibility and cost savings.


    Nasdaq Clearing - Cleared Markets  ->

    Central counterparty clearing for several markets including Equity derivatives, Index, Fixed Income and Commodities.

    Exchange Oversight

    U.S. Oversight  ->

    Nasdaq operates a multifaceted surveillance program.

    European Surveillance Listing Review  ->

    Our listing review determines if an applicant meets the requirements of the market place.

    European Disciplinary Processes  ->

    In Nasdaq Nordic, the Surveillance function is responsible for disciplinary procedures.

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