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Our People

Our People Make Nasdaq

Inspired by talented colleagues in an entrepreneurial environment, we are pushing the boundaries of possibilities and creating new opportunities.

What We Believe In

Lead with Integrity

Our high ethical standards guide our honest and transparent conduct.

Demonstrate Mastery

We build our employees’ capabilities, enabling them to become subject-matter experts and thought leaders.

Play as a Team

We seek diversity of thought and experience to ensure we are innovating at the highest level.

Act Like an Owner

We encourage everyone to take the initiative and propose solutions.

Fuel Client Success

Our clients are our top priority, and we strive to deliver quality solutions that exceed expectations.



Nasdaq Pulses with Opportunity

Who We Are


“Nasdaq is founded on this idea of leveraging novel technology at the right time and the right place.”
— Bill Dague, Head of Alt Data Research for Nasdaq / Quandl


“Learning, updating and adapting is what dynamic means to me, and that’s what Nasdaq is about, and that’s why it succeeds.”
— Wendy Jephson, Head of Behavioural Sciences, Market Technology


"If someone gives you an opportunity, you better maximize it so that he [or she] wants to give you the next one."
— Adena Friedman, Chief Executive Officer and President


“Our employee networks are vital to the value we create at Nasdaq, being able to bring my whole self to work in an inclusive environment encourages the kind of diverse thought that is the substance of innovation."
— Joshua Machiz, AVP Marketing, Client Experience Events


"Having an opportunity at the workplace to give back to the community is very positive in terms of employee activity and engagement.”
— Reekiran Kahlon, VP Software Engineer, Derivatives Core Development

A Team

"We have to do it together; otherwise we will fail, especially when you’re working with the huge systems we are developing. It’s really a team effort to achieve success."
— Henrik Rüffel, Project Manager Senior Specialist

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

Every day Nasdaq is building a culture that embraces diversity and inclusion, creating an environment where we all feel connected and empowered to succeed.

Learn more about our Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging efforts. 


Executive Leadership

Nasdaq executives are at the forefront of our corporate strategy, championing technology and market innovation to transform global markets and economies.

Adena T. Friedman

President and CEO

Michael Ptasznik

Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Brad Peterson

Executive Vice President, Chief Technology / Information Officer

Edward Knight

Vice Chairman

Nelson Griggs

President, Nasdaq Stock Exchange

Lars Ottersgård

Executive Vice President, Market Technology

Thomas (Tom) A. Wittman

Executive Vice President, Advisor

Lauren Dillard

Executive Vice President, Global Information Services

Tal Cohen

Executive Vice President and Head of North American Market Services

Bjørn Sibbern

President, European Markets

Jeremy Skule

Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer

Bryan Smith

Senior Vice President, Chief People Officer

John Zecca

Executive Vice President, Global Chief Legal and Regulatory Officer

Bruce E. Aust

Vice Chairman

Senior Leaders

Nasdaq senior leaders support our executive team by executing strategic initiatives and creating exciting client growth opportunities.

Heather Abbott

Senior Vice President, Corporate Client Technology and Enterprise IT

Oliver Albers

Senior Vice President, Global Information Services

Donald Beery

Senior Vice President, Head of Global Operations, Global Technology

Nicklas Brändström

Senior Vice President and Head of Service Delivery, Market Technology

Bob Caisley

Senior Vice President, Technology Systems

Joan Conley

Senior Vice President, Corporate Secretary

Ann Dennison

Senior Vice President, Controller

Patrik Färnlöf

Senior Vice President, NFF Platform Engineering

Andreas Gustafsson

Senior Vice President, General Counsel Europe

Magnus Haglind

Senior Vice President, Head of Product Management, Market Technology

Gunilla Hellqvist

Senior Vice President, European Operations

Brenda Hoffman

Senior Vice President, Head of Global Technology U.S. Markets Systems and Global Information Services

Kevin Kennedy

Senior Vice President, Head of U.S. Options, Global Trading and Market Services

Adam Kostyál

Senior Vice President, Head of European Listings

Nikolai Larbalestier

Senior Vice President, Enterprise Architecture and Performance Engineering

Greg Lipper

Senior Vice President, Global Client Services and Operations, Corporate Solutions

Jean-Jacques Louis

Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy

Robert H. McCooey, Jr.

Senior Vice President, Listing Services

Paul McKeown

Senior Vice President, Head of Marketplace Operators and New Markets, Market Technology

Lou Modano

Senior Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer and Global Head of Infrastructure Services

Brian O'Malley

Senior Vice President, Audit

Mike O'Rourke

Senior Vice President, Head of Artificial Intelligence and Global Information Services Technology

Lauri Rosendahl

President, Nasdaq Stockholm, Head of European Equities and Post Trade

Angie Ruan

Senior Vice President, Global Technology

Walt Smith

Senior Vice President, Global Trading and Market Services

Karen Snow

Senior Vice President, Head of East Coast Listings and Capital Services

Peter Strandell

Senior Vice President, Group Treasurer

Jeff Thomas

SVP, Head of Western U.S. Listings and Capital Markets

Valerie Bannert-Thurner (Ph.D.)

Senior Vice President, Head of Buy-Side and Sell-Side Solutions