The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center

Located in San Francisco, the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center is a non-profit organization created to connect, inspire and educate entrepreneurs.

NEC Front

What We Do


Help entrepreneurs uncover solutions based on their vision for success over the long-term


Facilitate long-lasting connections for entrepreneurs across disciplines


Provide world-class events and complimentary programs led by innovators


Produce original, actionable research on entrepreneurship


Strive to redefine perceptions of entrepreneurship in the public imagination



Explore the Space

With a 13,000-square-foot facility, the Center is a dynamic and inspiring destination. Its world-class facilities include an event space, a broadcast studio and connected classrooms — where entrepreneurs can learn, connect and create. 

About the Nasdaq Educational Foundation

The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center is supported by the Nasdaq Educational Foundation. Founded in 1994, the mission of the Foundation is to support programs that further the Nasdaq vision and mission of connecting business, capital and innovative ideas to advance global economies.