Nasdaq's Accelerated Path to the Cloud

    Transforming the Capital Markets of Tomorrow

    For the past 50 years, Nasdaq has strived to reimagine markets to realize the potential of tomorrow. With disruption in our DNA, we view technology as the conduit to greater opportunities, everywhere.

    Now, we are taking the next step to redefine the capital markets, teaming up with Amazon Web Services to bring MRX, our first U.S. options market into the cloud. 

    Bringing the Cloud to Our Customers

    Nasdaq and AWS Partner to Transform Capital Markets

    Nasdaq and AWS have announced a multi-year partnership to build the next-generation of cloud-enabled infrastructure for the world’s capital markets. The partnership will enable the migration of Nasdaq’s North American markets to the AWS cloud, beginning in 2022 with one of Nasdaq's U.S. options markets.

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    Over the past decade, we have been systematically moving every element of the Nasdaq portfolio into the cloud. As we look to redefine the capital markets of the future and tackle transformation of our critical infrastructure for the decades ahead, we are committed to creating an interconnected future – one that is safer and stronger for everyone, in the cloud.

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    Our Strategy

    Client-Centric Approach

    Our approach to the cloud aims to democratize access, providing our clients across the globe with greater agility and the opportunity to get to market with initiatives quicker and with less complexity.

    Cloud-First Development

    We believe in the benefits that cloud computing will bring to the capital markets and are committed to leading development efforts in the cloud, balanced by regulatory, data governance and client requirements.

    Global Markets Transformation

    As a primary driver of capital markets technology evolution, we are focused on fueling collaboration and innovation in the cloud to power and transform the next 50 years of our industry.

    Nov 30, 2021
    When it comes to capital markets, there is no doubt that we are a cloud evangelist at Nasdaq. Learn more about how we are building the next generation of cloud-enabled infrastructure for the world’s capital markets with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

    Reimagining Marketplace Technology in the Cloud

    When it comes to capital markets, there is no doubt that we are a cloud evangelist at Nasdaq.

    Learn more about how we are building the next generation of cloud-enabled infrastructure for the world’s capital markets with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

    Cloud Use Cases

    Nasdaq Extends Access to Essential Market Data via the Cloud

    Nasdaq announced the launch of its Nasdaq Cloud Data Service (NCDS), modernizing the traditional data distribution by providing asset managers and investors access to real-time, streaming exchange data, index and fund data through cloud-based technology.

    Nasdaq Cloud Data Service Provides Real-time Data With Efficiency and Scale to Unhedged

    Fintech firm Unhedged leverages Nasdaq Cloud Data Service, hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS), to deliver institutional-quality data and productivity tools that fit the needs of both individual consumers and professional investor enterprises

    How Bitstamp Is Leveraging Nasdaq Trading Technology to Innovate Its Crypto Market

    Bitstamp’s Chief Technology Officer David Osojnik shares how Nasdaq’s trading technology has contributed to Bitstamp’s strategic objectives and commitment to providing best-in-class services to over four million customers around the world.

    Cloud News & Insights


    Nasdaq Tech Chief Credits Cloud With Helping Manage Market Frenzies

    Cloud-based computing capacity helps Nasdaq quickly adjust to wild market swings

    INSIDER | OCT. 20, 2020

    Nasdaq's CEO Says the Cloud is the 'Future of the Industry'

    Nasdaq President and CEO Adena Friedman thinks of the cloud as the future of the industry


    Nasdaq Ramps Up Cloud Move

    All 28 of Nasdaq's markets are expected to be hosted in the cloud within the next decade

    Nasdaq Data Link Video Thumbnail

    Nasdaq Data Link

    A cloud-based, API-driven technology platform that empowers all segments of the investing public with a comprehensive suite of core financial, fund and alternative data

    Cloud-Optimized Matching Service Video Thumbnail

    Nasdaq Announces New Cloud-Optimized Matching Service

    Learn more about Nasdaq's cloud-optimized matching service for the next-generation of digital marketplaces

    AWS: Interview with Rob Hunt, VP Software Engineering, Global Surrounding Systems Video Thumbnail

    AWS: Interview with Rob Hunt, VP Software Engineering, Global Surrounding Systems

    Rob Hunt, VP Software Engineering, Global Surrounding Systems, speaks with AWS about moving to the cloud

    Nasdaq Execution

    Modernizing Market Infrastructure on the Digital Journey to 2025

    CIOs at global market infrastructure providers are moving to cloud, according to a new report by Celent.

    Our Vision for Tomorrow's Markets

    We are driving markets forward by embracing the cloud to unlock greater business insights, accelerate innovation and optimize operational excellence for the evolution of our participants, the greater capital markets and beyond.


    The cloud provides the foundation required to take capital markets further, fostering innovation and activating the API economy to produce smarter, more efficient offerings for Nasdaq, and all market participants.

    Enhance Resiliency

    Moving markets to the cloud drives greater efficiency and resiliency, enabling our clients to respond dynamically to market conditions while allowing them to increase capacity more intelligently.


    The cloud provides marketplaces and participants alike with the agility and scalability required to operate in next-generation markets.


    The cloud can lower barriers of entry for market participation and democratize access to data.


    Cloud computing enables AI-driven technologies and alternative data to reveal unique, undiscovered insights.


    By implementing a platform strategy in the cloud, we can help fuel the digital transformation required to adapt and thrive.

    Cloud Evangelists for Tomorrow's Markets

    Lauren Dillard

    "Nasdaq utilizes the best technology the world has to offer to make markets more accessible. Nasdaq Cloud Data Service is a significant advancement in the financial data space, as it uses the cloud to stream important, real-time market data tailored to our clients’ specific needs."

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    Lars Ottersgård, Lars Ottersgard

    "Over the last year, markets and marketplaces have come to accept both the multi-cloud and hybrid strategy. There is a growing acceptance of an expanded ecosystem where workloads and data are on premise, in one cloud or in multiple clouds."

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    Nikolai Larbalestier

    "By embracing the cloud, we can more easily integrate disparate systems and create a foundation for separate entities to communicate."

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