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    CIO Quarterly Q2 2023

    The CIO Quarterly is designed to highlight key insights on the topics that are top-of-mind for Chief Investment Officers at institutional investing organizations.

    The CIO Quarterly is designed to highlight key insights on the topics that are top-of-mind for Chief Investment Officers at institutional investing organizations.

    2023 Global Post-trade Industry Study

    Nasdaq partnered with ValueExchange to develop a global pulse on how 300+ decision-makers spanning global post-trade constituents are actioning their transformation journeys.

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    Nasdaq partnered with ValueExchange to develop a global pulse on how 300+ decision-makers spanning global post-trade constituents are actioning their transformation journeys.

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    FMI Technology Transition Checklist

    This change management checklist from Nasdaq's Christian Sjoberg and Gerard Smith outlines key project phases and steps to help FMIs modernize.


    Report: Post-trade Infrastructure in Focus as Regulation Grows and Legacy System Age

    Magnus Haglind, Nasdaq Marketplace Technology's Head of Product for Digital Assets and Carbon, shares his thoughts on a recent post-trade survey conducted by ValueExchange and Nasdaq, focusing in on regulation, settlement acceleration and the need for change.


    Financial Market Transition

    Nasdaq and VX partnered to survey the post-trade value chain on challenges, opportunities and legacy technology. We’ve curated and illustrated key insights here on regulation, growth, resilience, regional trends and more.


    Financial Market Transition

    Watch Barnaby Nelson, CEO of ValueExchange, and Roland Chai, EVP & Head of Marketplace Technology at Nasdaq, discuss insights gleaned from a jointly produced global post-trade survey on spending, modernization and transformation trends.

    Explore Our Solutions

    Supporting your organization at every stage of its lifecycle

    Access global markets

    List on or invest in peerless capital and trade markets, consulting with Nasdaq’s internal experts.

    Drive growth with insights

    Obtain a range of internal and external data from proprietary and vetted sources.

    Advance with technology

    Uphold, expedite, and secure markets with Nasdaq-tested technology.

    Accelerate your strategy

    Drive valuation and elevate your global brand, action your ESG strategy, and drive governance excellence.

    Partner with Nasdaq

    Foster more direct collaboration with Nasdaq by drawing from our consultant expertise, on-site resources, listing procedures, and operational tools, among other offerings.

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    Listing Services

    Join Nasdaq by debuting with a formal listing.

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    Whatever need you have regarding business and technology, Nasdaq can help you act better, see clearer, or engage more sustainably.


    Nasdaq Listings Solutions

    Nasdaq is home to more than just IPOs. Learn more about our listings options including direct listings, SPACs, American Depository Receipts (ADRs) and transfer of listings here.

    A diverse selection of over 5,400 total listings with a market value of more than $30.5 trillion USD choose to list on Nasdaq’s U.S., Nordic and Baltic exchanges, representing industries such as retail, health care, finance and technology. For small and medium sized growth companies, we offer access to financial markets through our European Growth Market, Nasdaq First North Growth Market. Learn more about Nasdaq’s Markets here

    Nasdaq Governance Solutions

    Absolutely. Our suite of governance solutions helps public, private, and nonprofit organizations across all industries improve board capability and streamline their corporate governance efforts.

    Definitely. We serve a wide variety of board and governance needs for companies that are not publicly listed and drive value to public, private, and nonprofit organizations of all sizes and across all industries. Nasdaq Governance Solutions is a fit for any organization that wants to advance governance excellence.

    We know security is of paramount importance. Customer data is protected by the same team of information security professionals who monitors Nasdaq’s global markets. The security of our platforms is of the utmost importance and customers can work confidently knowing Nasdaq’s Information Security Management System (ISMS) is ISO 27001 certified. 

    Our board portal, Nasdaq Boardvantage, has robust, specific controls for security, encryption, and customer-configurable security permissions. With industry-standard security controls, documents and materials, which are uploaded to the Nasdaq Boardvantage, service (“Customer Uploaded Content”) is encrypted in transit with TLS protocol and at rest with AES-256. Nasdaq EnGauge™ technology enables boards to streamline data collection with end-to-end security processes in mind, and all customers have access to 24/7 customer support to answer questions.

    A destination intended to foster community, collaborate and insights sharing. We are a facilitator in bringing together board directors, leaders and educators from across organizations, industries, and regions. Together with internal and external partners we provide resources for achieving board excellence by identifying emerging trends and issues, providing an environment for network expansion and sharing authentic unbiased insights.

    This is a non-revenue generating entity, providing centralized access to resources and a forum to facilitate peer-to-peer exchanges for corporate board directors in an authentic environment. We welcome all seasoned and aspiring board directors from current and prospective Nasdaq Platforms Clients globally to join the Nasdaq Center for Board Excellence at no cost.

    Nasdaq Investor Relations

    How does Nasdaq IR Intelligence support issuers?
    Nasdaq serves as a trusted advisor, advocate, and provider of software and analytics to issuers globally. With Nasdaq IR Intelligence, clients benefit from:

    • All-in-One Workflow Solution
      Nasdaq IR Insight supports your investor engagement as well as market & peer intelligence workflows with mobile device and MS Office integration along with the ability to seamlessly schedule investor meetings via ConnectIR. 
      Learn more about Nasdaq IR Insight
    • Identify Shareholders
      Near real-time buying and selling intelligence combined with market and sector context to gauge shareholder sentiment and trends, to prioritize investor engagement and to understand volatility.
      Learn more about Equity Surveillance & Shareholder Analysis
    • Gauge Sentiment
      Candid market perspective, benchmarks and actionable insights support efforts to optimize engagement with and enhance the perception of the financial community.
      Learn more about Perception Studies
    • Optimize Investor Engagement
      Our dedicated team of investor outreach advisors helps design strategies to reach current and prospective investors, tailor your message and benchmark success leveraging proprietary data and analytics.
      Learn more about Nasdaq Investor Engagement
    • Secure ESG Benefits
      ESG metrics are increasingly being used by investors to assess risk and value your company. Our dedicated team guides execution phases of ESG programs whether you’re seeking to establish, strengthen, govern or share your ESG story.
      Learn more about ESG Advisory Program

    Nasdaq ESG Solutions

    Nasdaq helps companies of all ESG maturity levels through a unique combination of technology, tools, data, insights and capital market solutions. These offerings are backed by our own experience as a public company, applying and honing these practices over our tenure as a market leader. Our future-forward expertise, analytics, and technologies are designed to drive real impact by creating sustainable markets and resilient businesses. Learn more about our corporate ESG solutions here.

    Nasdaq Market Technology Solutions

    Currently, 130+ marketplaces around the world leverage Nasdaq’s technology. Nasdaq’s trading and surveillance technology can support multiple types of marketplaces including traditional capital markets operators, as well as new marketplaces such as cryptocurrency, real estate, carbon credits and more.

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    Cryptocurrency & digital assets, carbon credits, spot commodities, commercial real estate, luxury goods, and more. Nasdaq’s trading and surveillance technology is reliable and scalable, allowing you to grow and expand with the addition of new asset types as needed.

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    Nasdaq is able to leverage its unique position as connective tissue between different industries, regions, partners, and compliance silos to track a greater extent of financial crime. Nasdaq provides coverage across multiple compliance areas and can give customers the holistic benefit of tracking an actor's crime across different silos.

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    In short, yes. Other market technology offerings, such as market infrastructure tools, benefit from running open, fair, and transparent exchanges, which our Anti-Financial Crime tools support.

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    Yes. In fact, Nasdaq is uniquely situated as a provider of trade-protection technology from decades of running global markets. Nasdaq Trade Surveillance brings this experience to bear on new markets, which can at times be volatile, by providing protective software to increase stability and trust.

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    Nasdaq Trade Surveillance is one of the most robust surveillance tools on the market. Rather than offer discrete pieces of software with single, directed functionalities, Nasdaq Trade Surveillance presents a far-ranging suite of features, preparing you to track crime across multiple regions and asset types. The Solution also benefits from Nasdaq’s unique position as a longtime global operator of numerous exchanges, offering the ability to detect and disrupt crime across traditional silos.

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