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    Nordic Equities Exchange and Market

    Nasdaq Nordic offers one common gateway to trading of all Nordic cash equities.

    Nasdaq Nordic operates the exchanges in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.

    We offer a well-regulated and transparent marketplace where both listed companies and trading activity are under constant surveillance.

    The Nordic Equities Market is run on the world-leading high-capacity trading system INET.

    Electronic Trading Services

    Lit Trading  ->

    One common gateway for trading Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Icelandic and Norwegian equities.

    Nordic Auctions  ->

    Auctions at opening and closing offer robust pricing and volume discovery.

    Trading@Closing Price  ->

    Continue to match orders after the Lit Order book Closing Auction, in a safe, regulated, on-exchange environment.

    Large in Scale  ->

    Execute large, non-displayed block orders within the central lit order book.

    Auction on Demand  ->

    Periodic auctions as an alternative to OTC and dark pool trading.

    Nordic@Mid Darkpool  ->

    Mid-point matching for reduced market impact costs - as well as a price advantage.

    Supplementary Trading Services

    Nordic Workstation  ->

    Cost-efficient software for trading and trade management.

    Execution Algorithms  ->

    Efficient pay-as-you-go trading algorithms.

    Pre-trade Risk Management for INET Nordic  ->

    Complete MIFID II proof pre-trade risk protection with order level control of trading.

    Trade Reporting of Manual Cash Equity Trades  ->

    Any trades that occur outside Nasdaq Nordic Central Limit Order book must be reported to the relevant order book.

    Market Making and Membership

    Market Making (INET)  ->

    Nasdaq Nordic offers a Market Making Agreement for members and participants acting as Market Maker per MiFID II.

    Cash Equity Membership  ->

    Step-by-step description on how to obtain a membership on Nasdaq Nordic Cash Equity Markets.

    Post-Trade Arrangements

    Post-Trade Arrangements  ->

    Trades are cleared and settled either through a Central Counterparty (CCP), or they are settled on a gross basis.

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    European Rules and Regulations

    The rules and regulations serve an important purpose to sustain confidence in the financial markets, enable a common framework for listed companies and protect minority stakeholders such as retail investors.

    INET Nordic Trading Platform

    INET Nordic is the Nasdaq trading platform for Nordic and Baltic equities trading.


    Nordic Equity Derivatives

    Manage risk or increase yield using standardized or custom options, futures and forwards for Nordic stocks and indices.