Nasdaq Clearing

Our mission is to deliver services for capital efficient management of risk, that empower businesses and investors to succeed while safeguarding the financial stability in the markets we operate.

Nasdaq Clearing has a unique offering of clearing across multiple asset classes, primarily in Nordic derivatives, available to international and regional members and investors.

Our clearing model includes risk management to the highest standards, a wide collateral list, integrated clearing of exchange traded instruments as well as an OTC offering in multiple currencies.

Cleared Markets & Clearing Model

Nasdaq Clearing - Cleared Markets

Central counterparty clearing for several markets including Equity derivatives, Index, Fixed Income and Commodities.

Nasdaq Clearing – Clearing Model

A broad range of options for market access, segregation and portability.

Nasdaq Clearing - Membership Requirements

Requirements that a Clearing Member must fulfil to qualify as a member.

Collateral, Settlement & Reporting

Nasdaq Clearing - Collateral Management

Managing collateral for clearing on Nasdaq derivatives markets.

Nasdaq Clearing - Collateral Management Fee List

Nasdaq Clearing - Collateral Management Fee List

Nasdaq Clearing - Settlement, Expiration and Delivery

Delivery and cash settlement procedures for derivatives contracts.

Nasdaq Clearing - Approved Settlement Banks

Banks approved for settlement with Nasdaq Clearing.

Nasdaq Clearing - EMIR Reporting

Regulatory reporting under Article 9 of EMIR.

Regulatory Reporting SFTR

Securities Financing Transactions Regulation reporting needs and processes.

Risk Management

Nasdaq Clearing - Counterparty Risk Management

Procedures and framework for counterparty risk management.

Nasdaq Clearing - Margining Methodology

Our margin requirement systems calculate accurate risk-based margin requirements for each counterparty account.

Nasdaq Clearing - Default Management

Rules, default history and processes.

Nasdaq Clearing - CCaR - Capital-at-Risk

System and methodology for calculating appropriate clearing capital

Nasdaq Clearing - Financial Resources

Nasdaq Junior Capital, the Commodities, Financial Market & Seafood Market Default Funds, Nasdaq Senior Capital.

Nasdaq Clearing - Default Fund

Members Required to Contribute to the Default Fund are General Clearing & Direct Clearing Members.

Nasdaq Clearing’s Investment Policy Guidelines

Nasdaq Clearing’s Investment Policy sets guidelines for the investments of cash received to Default fund or Loss Sharing

Technology & Connectivity

Nasdaq Clearing - Technology & Connectivity for Clearing

All markets are cleared in a state-of-the-art clearing and collateral management system.

Governance, Policies & Regulations

About Nasdaq Clearing

Legal and regulatory information from and about Nasdaq Clearing AB.

Related Information

Nasdaq Nordic & Baltic Membership

Nasdaq Membership allows for a member to operate seamlessly on all 10 markets in the Nordics and Baltics, through one common trading system.

European Commodities

All participation on the Nasdaq Commodities is performed through its members.

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