Nordic Fixed Income Trading

transparent and efficient trading and clearing of debt instruments


Trade bonds and bills on a regulated and transparent market.

Nasdaq’s Nordic exchanges offer electronic exchange trading in several debt instrument types ranging from treasury bonds to retail corporate debt and investment products.

A Nordic Membership includes fixed income cash trading on the regulated markets and MTFs operated by Nasdaq in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland. You can also sign up for a membership specific to one or several exchanges separately.

Traded Products

Each market lists a variety of debt instruments open for trading by the exchange members. See currently listed products in Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, the Baltics and First North for more insight.

Listing Debt Instruments

For information about how to list debt instruments, please visit the Nordic Fixed Income Listings page.

Trading Functionality & Connectivity

The fixed income markets are traded in Nasdaq Genium INET, which offers a variety of order and trade types.

Read more in the market model or contact us for more information.

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If you are looking for a solution for regulatory reporting of OTC trades, learn more about our Approved Publication Arrangement (APA).

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