Nordic Workstation

the cost-efficient software for trading & trade management


Web-based access to trading with all the functionality a professional trader expects.

The Nordic Workstation can be used either as your primary trading system or as a backup solution. It also serves as an interface for APA/OTC reporting and PRM administration.

Product Highlights

1. Order entry and order management

  • View and cancel orders
  • Order entry and order management
  • Enriched dynamic quote window

2. Trace, plan & manage risk

  • Orderbook look-up
  • Charting
  • Pre-trade risk management
  • Enhanced traceability of orders in the book

3. Follow-up functionality

  • Time & sale functionality
  • Several months of order and trade history service
Nordic Workstation

Functional Overview

  • Order Entry and Order Management, including support for order routing and algo strategies
  • Nasdaq Nordic TotalView with full market by order view
  • Aggregated Orderbook window, including Market by Level (MBL) view
  • Detailed Orderbook with both market by order and market by level view during continuous trading
  • Order Management window, including order status information
  • Ability to restrict users’ access to own firm orders and trades within a group of traders (i.e. clients vs. prop traders).
  • Trade Window, for own firm trades
  • Trade Ticker for public trade information
  • Find Trade/Order for intraday and historical queries
  • Order book reference data
  • Trade registration, including APA/OTC reporting
  • Sent/Received Trade Registration with real time notification
  • Price Quotation window
  • User settings administration window
  • Market Turnover List window
  • News and Market Alerts Notification window
  • Member Turnover information
  • Export to file functionality
  • PRM administration GUI


Whether the Nordic Workstation is used for primary trading or backup, it offers good value for your money. The Nordic Workstation is available for a monthly subscription fee.


Manage your Credentials and certify 

Order entry and order management

Full access to INET functionality and instruments, including smart routing, algo strategies, and a dynamic quote window with a rich overview of the order book. View and cancel all orders submitted by your firm regardless of how they were submitted.

View and cancel orders

The Nordic Workstation provides you with the ability to view all your firm orders, regardless of whether these have been submitted to the system via Nordic Workstation or other systems using FIX or OUCH protocols.

Order Entry and Order Management

All INET functionalities and instruments are included with support for order routing and algo strategies.

Dynamic Quote window

Designed to provide an instant view of the situation in an order book. Based on all functionalities available from the Detailed Order book view and integrated with:

  • Real time ticker and intra-day chart
  • Order entry section

Trace, plan & manage risk

Orderbook look-up and custom watchlists for traders. Charting for individual securities as well as for indexes. Access to pre-trade risk management settings (special authorization). Trace both open and hidden orders for your firm.

Orderbook Look-up

The Orderbook look-up tool allows traders to track in which order book a given ISIN is traded. Drag and drop functionality to add the result of your search into the Aggregated Orderbook view or to one of your customized Watch-lists.

  • Advanced search criteria  

Pre-trade Risk Management Interface

Update your Pre-trade Risk limits and/or perform emergency actions directly from your workstation.

Enhanced traceability of orders in the book

  • Clearly identify orders including trader information
  • View your fully hidden orders
  • View additional orders details in the tool tip  


For single and multiple securities and indexes:

  • Intraday and historical view
  • Multiple charting styles and quick time interval selection

Follow-up functionality

Analyze execution quality with Time & Sale functionality. Access Trade and Order History from Nasdaq Nordics central system databases. Replay the order book best bid and offer step-by-step.

Time & Sale functionality

The Time & Sale functionality allows you to query the history of the spread and the last sale of the Nasdaq Nordic books

  • Analyze execution quality
  • Step by step replay of the order book best bid and offer and last paid
  • Powerful support tool for clients’ enquiries  

Several months of order and trade history service

The Nordic Workstation will provide you with an access to several months of Trade and Order History directly from our central system databases

Why Choose Nordic Workstation?

Pay as You Go

The Nordic Workstation is the perfect way to access the full potential of equity trading without the burden of large overhead costs and upfront IT investments. The Nordic Workstation is ideal for trading members with mid to modest trading intensity or as a backup front end application.

Includes All Necessary & Expected Functionality

The Nordic Workstation supports all INET order types and gives access to smart order routing, algos and PRM. Other functionalities include tools to analyze execution quality, trace own orders in the order book, create watch-lists etc.

Web-based – No Local IT Infrastructure

The web-based Nordic Workstation allows you to get ready for trading within hours. All updates to the software are automated and require no local IT infrastructure or IT management.

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