INET Nordic Environments

INET Nordic & Baltic Production, Testing and Conformance information.


INET Nordic Production information

INET Nordic is the Nasdaq trading platform for Nordic and Baltic equities trading and for publication of OTC Trade Reports (APA).

INET Nordic Production System Hours during Business days (CET)

03:05-06:45      INET (FIX Order Entry, FIX Trade Reporting, OUCH and associated FIX DROP sessions, ITCH, GLIMPSE and NLS) open for connectivity, login and reference data load

06:30                GCF (TIP) open for connectivity, login and reference data load

07:00                Reference data file available on FDS for download

07:00                Start of day all market segments

20:35                INET (matching and routing engine) closed (Trade Reporting and NLS feeds still open)

21:00                INET tcp connectivity testing possible to FIX Order Entry, OUCH and associated FIX DROP sessions, ITCH tcp (not udp) and GLIMPSE

22:00                Trade Reporting engine closed and INET closed for connectivity testing

23:30                GCF (TIP) closed for connectivity

INET Nordic is available Monday-Friday between 06:45 and 20:35 CET, APA Trade Reporting available until 22:00 CET (trading days). INET (FIX Order Entry, OUCH and ITCH tcp) is open for connectivity testing seven days a week between 21:00 and 22:00 CET. GCF (TIP) is available for login every day but source data is only loaded on business days.


FDS Files & Availability (CET)

Reference Data File              Available from 07:00

End of Day File                     Available from 20:40


Trading Hours & Holiday Schedules

Nordic Market Exchange Trading Hours & Holiday Schedule

Baltic Market Exchange Holiday Schedule

INET Nordic Holiday Schedule per Market Segment

INET Nordic Market Segments

Fact Sheets and Related Content to be found in Resource Center below.

INET Nordic Testing (INET NTF)

Nasdaq Test Facility (NTF), INET Test NTF, is the external test environment for INET Nordic related tests, including market data from GCF TST4 and GCF TST3.


Each Tuesday morning INET NTF contains a copy of latest current production reference data. However, for specific testing requirements during shorter periods, some single reference data might be changed without notification in advance. For support on this matter please contact: Cash Equity Operations at +46 8 405 6410 or  


Open for Connectivity

- OUCH/ITCH/GLIMPSE ports available at 04:05-23:50 CET Mon-Sun

- FIX and FIX DROP ports available at 04:15-23:40 CET Mon-Sun

- TIP ports (GCF TST3 & GCF TST4) available at 06:30-23:30 CET Mon-Sun 

NTF Trading Schedule

- Tuesday and Thursday = Prod hours

- Friday-Monday = Prolonged closing hours.

- Wednesday = Same schedule as Monday and Friday, except adjustments on opening and closing auction times for certain market segments.

Find more information on INET NTF Trading Schedule.

Contact Cash Equity Operations, +46 8 405 6410 or, for more information on Trading Schedules per Marker Segment and state in the test environment.  


Performance loadMonday

Background loadWednesday & Thursday

Trading halts: All week, Monday - Sunday  


Market Maker Order (MMO) Testing

Order Books and Test Schedules in NTF (Updated 2019-01-02)

Auction on Demand (AOD) & Nordic@Mid (N@M) Testing

Order Books and Test Schedules in NTF (Updated 2020-03-10)

Sold-out Buy-back for Warrants, Certificates and Exchange Traded Notes

Order Books and Test Schedules in NTF (Updated 2014-08-20)  


INET Test (NTF) contains all orderbooks available in production. In addition to these, a number of test orderbooks are available in NTF as well. They are all named as TESTn , e.g. TEST1 STK (5-6 chrs for name 3 chrs for instrument type). These test orderbooks will be listed and delisted from time to time, without any preceding notice.  


For assistance to arrange for port failover tests on FIX, OUCH and ITCH related tcp sessions, and assistance with other specific test scenarios, please contact Cash Equity Operations,, +46 8 405 6410.

Dedicated member test setup

In case a Member, or a Service Partner, need a client dedicated test setup in INET Test NTF, please contact Ronny Thellman at Nasdaq Technical Relations.

Application Conformance

Order and Trade Management applications connecting to the INET Nordic Production environment, are subject of mandatory conformance tests prior to production use.

- Functional and Failover scenarios
- Mandatory test cases
- Optional test cases

All applications developed by Independent Software Vendors (ISV´s) or developed in-house by members, directly connected to INET needs to be registered in the Nasdaq Member Portal. Members with Sponsored Access Clients have to register their Sponsored access clients and map their users/sessions to the application.

Registration of applications is the first step in order for members to prove the use of conformed and approved application. The registration will consist of the name of the application, version number, contact information etc. Once registered, a conformance test can commence in order to be approved for production access.

Please see the following guide of how to register and self-certify the use of applications in the following guide:

Applications in Nasdaq Member Portal Guide

Conformance testing is done in interaction with Nasdaq Cash Equity Operations. During the conformance the client is instructed to execute specified conformance test cases and Nasdaq verifies that the client application fulfils the expected requirements and behaviour. 

To schedule an appointment for conformance tests, please contact, +46 8 405 6410, or raise a request in Nasdaq Member Portal.

INET Nordic Conformance Test Cases (Updated 2023-01-10)

INET Nordic Execution Algo Conformance Test Cases (Updated 2017-04-10)

INET PRM Test Case

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