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    Nasdaq Commodities

    European Commodity Exchange

    Nasdaq Commodities is a regulated marketplace offering trading and clearing of a wide range of commodity related products.

    About Nasdaq Commodities

    Nasdaq Commodities has around 180 members from 20 different countries. The members include energy producers, energy intensive industries, large consumers, distributors, funds, investment companies, banks, brokers, utility companies and financial institutions.

    The Nasdaq Commodities platform builds on the reliability and flexibility that have been key characteristics of Nasdaq technology.

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    Nasdaq Commodities Academy

    Nasdaq Commodities Academy offers a variety of classroom and in-house courses designed to improve the knowledge within individuals and organizations. Courses are held in English, Swedish and Norwegian. 


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    Nordic & European Power  ->

    Manage power price risks efficiently.

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    European Power Monthly Deferred Settlement (DS) Futures  ->

    Manage power price risk with futures matching your physical contracts.

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    Electricity Certificates  ->

    Reliable trading, clearing and delivery of electricity certificates.

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    Natural Gas Futures  ->

    Manage gas price risk with MSD futures matching your physical contracts.

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    European Union Allowances (EUA) Futures  ->

    Reliable trading and clearing of EUA emission derivatives.

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    Seafood Derivatives Clearing  ->

    Clearing of salmon futures traded at Fish Pool ASA.

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    Commodities Membership  ->

    How to become a member: Our step by step membership application process and list of required documentation.

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    Membership Categories  ->

    Exchange membership, Direct clearing membership and General clearing membership.

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    General Clearing Member Model  ->

    Different option for accessing clearing at Nasdaq Commodities though a General Clearing Member.

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    GCM Contact List  ->

    Get in contact with Nasdaq Commodities’ GCMs.

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    Commodities Fee List  ->

    Information about membership fees, fees for technical connectivity, access to market data and for regulatory reporting.

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    Contact Nasdaq Commodities  ->

    Find contact information to our various teams and support units.


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    Nasdaq Commodities - Market Surveillance  ->

    Nasdaq Oslo ASA is licenced by the Norwegian Ministry of Finance and under supervision by the Financial Supervisory Auth.

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    Legal Framework - European Commodities  ->

    Legal documentation regarding trading membership at Nasdaq Oslo ASA and clearing membership at Nasdaq Clearing AB.

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    Regulatory Reporting  ->

    Solutions for all the regulatory reporting required by current EU regulations and directives.


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    Commodities Clearing - Member Area  ->

    Options Exercise & Portfolio transfer.

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    Commodities Margin Curves  ->

    The margin curves give you a visual representation of our margin parameters as a function of time to delivery.


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    Trading Systems  ->

    Connectivity for the Commodities market: Genium INET or Independent Software Vendors.

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    Independent Software Vendors - European Commodities  ->

    Independent Software Vendors for the Commodities market: Front office products & Mid/back office products.

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