Listing of Debt Instruments

List your fixed income instruments at a globally recognized exchange


Whether you are an investment grade company looking to issue bonds targeting institutional investors or an SME in search of capital for future expansion, Nasdaq has a listing solution that facilitates easier access to the international debt markets.

Nasdaq operates EU regulated markets and Multilateral trading facilities (MTF:s) for bonds in the Baltics, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland.

Listing Process - What Are the Steps?

The listing process for debt instruments consists of two simple steps:

  1. The issuer application
    The first step only applies to first time issuers on the fixed income markets of Nasdaq. At this stage, prospective issuers submit an issuer application that verifies compliance with the respective market rules.
  2. Instrument Application
    Once your company has been approved by Nasdaq, you can submit instrument applications. These applications can be submitted electronically through the Nasdaq Listing Center or by contacting the local Listing team.

The listing process may differ slightly between countries and instrument types. Please reach out to the Listing team if you have any questions regarding the listing process, and the Surveillance team if you have any regulatory questions.

Benefits of a Nasdaq Listing

Stamp of Quality

A Nasdaq listing presents an opportunity to showcase that your company has a sound regulatory compliance function and shows investors that you have met Nasdaq's entry standards.

Market Your Brand

Bring credibility to your brand and introduce your company to the global investor community.

Reach More Investors

A bond listing is crucial for a large share of the investor community. Institutional investors such as UCITS funds and national pension funds are most often prohibited or limited from investing in unlisted securities and retail investors have similar restrictions. Companies who choose to list on Nasdaq can therefore reach a larger group of investors.

The Listing Process

Nasdaq's listing process for bonds is efficient and reliable. Approved fixed income issuers can list bonds with one day's notice.


The Nordics are synonymous with sustainability and our sustainable debt markets are amongst the worlds’ largest.

Prepare for Your IPO

By listing bonds at a regulated market or MTF, your company come under som of the same regulations as listed companies. However, the requirements are not as extensive which makes a bond listing a good stepping stone for a future IPO.

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