European Union Allowances (EUA) Futures

- reliable trading and clearing of EUA emission derivatives


Manage the price risk of carbon emission allowances using EUA futures. 

About EUAs

A European Union Allowance (EUA) is the official name for Europe’s emission allowances, which in 2008 was defined as the official Kyoto allowance for countries in the EU. One EUA entitles the holder to emit one ton of carbon dioxide or carbon-equivalent greenhouse gas. The EU member states issue new EUAs on February 28 every year to each company subjected to the EU’s emission trading scheme. These awards follow the allocation plan approved by the European Commission and are based on the Kyoto protocol’s obligations. EUAs are awarded for one year at a time. By April 30, companies are obliged to surrender (“pay”) the number of EUAs corresponding to their actual emissions in the preceding year. EUAs can also be saved from one year to another if a company releases less carbon dioxide than the EUAs it holds.

We are currently in the EU ETS phase 4 which will cover the period from 2021 to 2030:

EUA Products 

Use EUA futures to mitigate price risks of EUA.

  • Day Future contract
  • Quarterly Future contracts for 2021-2027 (rolling 6 years)
  • Pre-delivery option for EUA net sellers to fulfill collateral requirements

EUA Futures are traded in EUR, with a minimum ticker size of 0.01, in trade lots of 1 000 EUAs, using 1 EUA (for 1 metric ton of CO2) as the contract base.

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Trading and Clearing of EUA Futures

Nasdaq Commodities offers a transparent and regulated marketplace for EUA Futures. As a member, you can place your orders through the Genium INET Workstation, our user-friendly and reliable trading system. Alternatively, we have partnered with a number of Independent Software Vendors that offer conformance tested trading applications that connect to our exchange. 

  • Continuous trading in the electronic trading system from 08.00 to 18.00 CET (07:00-17:00 UKLT) 
  • Trading and clearing of block trades from 07:45 until 18:15 CET (06:45-17:15 UKLT)  
  • Tradable on Norwegian Bank Days

All trades are cleared by Nasdaq Clearing to eliminate counterpart credit risk. 

Market Activity and News

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Market Activity and News

Benefits with EUA Futures & Options

Manage price risks efficiently

EUA Futures and Options are excellent tools for controlling the price risks of carbon emission allowances trading.

Easy access though existing connectivity

Place orders through your existing Nasdaq Commodities trading system. No extra software or login is needed.

CCP clearing removes counterparty credit risk

All trades are settled by Nasdaq Clearing to remove counterparty credit risk.

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