Pre-trade Risk Management

is a low-latency risk solution for trading and sponsored access clients.


Nasdaq TradeGuard

TradeGuard is a comprehensive full-service risk management suite offering a range of tools to address the complex trading landscape. TradeGuard will allow customers to pick and choose from a broad product suite for a range of support, from building a custom risk solution to simply filling in gaps in a current solution. In addition to the current enterprise and Nasdaq exchange risk tools available, the new suite also features monitoring for new markets and asset classes, improved gateways, and supplemental risk monitoring systems. Whether you’re a broker, sponsor, hedge fund, or clearing firm – TradeGuard has the products and services to meet your needs with price points that match your budget.

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Pre-Trade Risk Management For Inet Nordic

In today’s marketplaces there is an increased focus on risk management and specifically on pre-trade risk management in relation to new market access models such as Sponsored Access and DMA. As high frequency- and algo trading are replacing manual processes the need for automated control systems to reduce risk is increasing.

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Pre-Trade Risk Management For Genium INET

Nasdaq has developed a Pre-Trade Risk Management service that provides customers of its Nordic Equity Derivatives and Commodities marketplaces a Pre-Trade Risk Management solution that virtually adds no latency.

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