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Functional Enhancements


Upcoming changes in the INET Nordic Test and Production systems. ​

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The latest INET Nordic protocol specifications are available on INET Nordic Protocol Specifications.


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Nasdaq Nordic Smart Order Routing (SOR) service is a cost-efficient solution for routing orders to away markets. This way Members can access the fragmented liquidity for Nordic stocks in Europe via one single gateway. The service makes it easier for Members to provide best execution. Nasdaq Nordic will improve the SOR service with the below additional features from November 4, 2019 (launch date updated).

- Introduction of an additional Away Market destination - Aquis

- Expansion in the Routable instrument scope - Mid Cap shares

Introduction of an additional Away Market destination

Nasdaq Nordic will enhance the SOR service by adding Aquis Exchange as a new away market destination as of November 4, 2019.

After the addition of Aquis Exchange, the following Away Market destinations are included in the Nasdaq Nordic SOR service:

  • CBOE Europe (CXE Book, BXE Book)
  • Aquis Exchange
  • Turquoise
  • Oslo Börs
  • Oslo Axess


Expansion in the Routable instrument scope

In addition to the introduction of a new away market, Nasdaq Nordic has decided to expand the scope of routable instruments. As of November 4, 2019, the Nasdaq Nordic SOR service will include Mid Cap shares traded on Nasdaq Copenhagen and Nasdaq Stockholm. After the expansion, the scope of routable shares consists of:

  • OBX25, OMXC25, OMXS30, OMXH25 shares
  • Large Cap shares on XCSE, XHEL and XSTO
  • Mid Cap shares on XCSE, XHEL and XSTO
  • Oslo shares traded in the Norwegian Segment (MIC: ONSE) on First North Sweden


Find more details in IT-Notice 45/19.

Protocol changes

No protocol changes associated to these enhancements.

Legal and Market Model

Changes will be reflected in the updated version of the INET Nordic Market Model, which will be published on Rules and Regulations for the Nordic Markets.

Time Schedule

  • INET Test (NTF), GCF TST4 – Available
  • INET Production – November 4, 2019 (updated)

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