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Upcoming changes in the INET Nordic Test and Production systems. ​

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The latest INET Nordic protocol specifications are available on INET Nordic Protocol Specifications.


  • Dec 5, 2022 - Feb 28, 2023 - Migration from OUCH 4 to OUCH 5 and FIX 4.2 DROP for OUCH 4 messages to FIX 5.0 DROP for OUCH 5 messages
  • March - June 2023 - Migration from FIX 4.2 Order Entry and FIX DROP to FIX 5.0 Order Entry and FIX 5.0 DROP for FIX 5.0 messages

Visit IT-Notices to find more information about the upcoming enhancements.

Introduction of next generation OUCH and FIX protocols

Nasdaq Nordic and Nasdaq Baltic plans to implement mandatory changes and enhancements to the INET Nordic trading system between Q4 2022 and Q2 2023.

The OUCH and FIX Order Entry protocols will be more equivalent and harmonized from a functionality standpoint. Most features currently only available in FIX will also be available in OUCH. FIX latency will be improved by moving FIX Gateways closer to the matching engine.

Testing of OUCH 5 (current OUCH 4 functionality) is now available in INET Test NTF.

The current OUCH protocol version (4.xx.x) will be replaced with an OUCH 5 version during from December 5, 2022.

Nasdaq Nordic and Baltic plans to add the following Advanced Order Handling functionalities to the new OUCH 5 protocol:
•    Reserve orders (Iceberg)
•    Pegged orders including Market Orders
•    Nordic@Mid dark pool midpoint pegged orders 
•    Good Til Cancel (GTC)
•    Dark-Lit Sweep

In addition, the current Order Token string, to uniquely identify an order transmitted on a logical OUCH account, will be replaced with a UserRefNum field, mandated to be an increasing integer. The current Optional Fields bit-mask data structure will be replaced with Tag-Value elements in an Appendage at the end of the messages. More details on the above and other changes of OUCH is described in the Nordic OUCH 5 Delta Specification below.

INET Nordic will also provide a full and complete FIX access comparable to the current FIX services. The FIX protocol will be upgraded to FIX 5.0 SP2. The FIX Drop for OUCH 5 port will have support for the new order types introduced in OUCH 5. More details about FIX changes is described in the Nordic FIX 2.00 Delta Specification below.

Migration strategy

Nasdaq has chosen to automatically create new NTF test ports (OUCH5, FIX 5.0 and FIX 5.0 DROP ports), duplicates of existing OUCH 4 and FIX 4.2 ports, at no additional cost. New port details will be available in Member Portal. This mean that Members will be able to view all port details on-line, instead of ordering the new test ports manually.

From now, members ordering new OUCH 4 ports in NTF will automatically get a pair OUCH 5 ports set up for them at no additional cost. OUCH5 port pairing is based on account name suffixes O->Q and P->R, as an example OUCH account MPIDO2 will get an equivalent OUCH 5 account named MPIDQ2, for easier migration at clients own pace. The same procedure will be used for FIX ports when they become available, communicated separately via IT-Notices. More details on Account/Port naming convention for FIX ports is available in the Nordic FIX 2.00 Delta document.

Protocol specifications

The new OUCH 5 and FIX 2.00 (utilizing FIX 5.0 SP2) protocol specifications related to this upcoming change is available at the Nasdaq Nordic Technical Information website, under INET Nordic Protocol Specifications

Updated Nordic OUCH 5 Delta Specification 1.6 can be found here.
Updated Nordic FIX 2.00 Delta Specification 1.2 can be found here.

Conformance testing

Conformance test cases for OUCH 5 is available under INET Nordic Environments. Conformance testing process and activities will be announced separately. FIX 5.0 test cases (based on Nasdaq Nordic FIX 2.00 protocol specification) will be available in Q4 2022.

Implementation schedule

Nasdaq Nordic aims to give access to the new OUCH 5 and FIX 5.0 ports according to the following timeline:
•    INET Test (NTF):     OUCH 5 (except GTC) & FIX 5.0 DROP for OUCH 5 messages - Available 
                                      FIX 5.0 Order Entry & FIX DROP for FIX 5.0 messages - September 2022 (dates to be announced) 
•    INET Production:     OUCH 5 and FIX 5.0 DROP for OUCH 5 messages:   December 5, 2022 - February 28, 2023
                                          FIX 5.0 Order Entry and FIX 5.0 DROP for FIX 5 messages:   March - June 2023 (to be announced separetely)

After the migration current versions of the protocols will be retired. 

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