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Upcoming changes in the INET Nordic Test and Production systems. ​

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The latest INET Nordic protocol specifications are available on INET Nordic Protocol Specifications.


  • September 30, 2023 - Introduction of weekend Connectivity Testing INET Production
  • Q4, 2023 - Introduction of Dark-Lit Sweep on FIX

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Introduction of weekend Connectivity Testing INET Production

Nasdaq Nordic and Nasdaq Baltic will re-introduce the ability for customers to perform connectivity testing (telnet) on weekends in the INET Nordic Production environment.
Connectivity testing will also be available on Saturdays and Sundays between 13:00-15:00 CET as of September 30, 2023.

Customers can perform telnet tests towards their INET Production OUCH, FIX Order and Trade Entry ports and the respective FIX DROP ports, and ITCH, GLIMPSE and NLS tcp ports. Login is not available nor the ITCH- and NLS Multicast services.

For more information on INET Nordic Production and Test Environments opening hours and test schedules, please visit the INET Nordic Environments web page

Introduction of Dark-Lit Sweep on FIX

Nasdaq Nordic will introduce the Dark-lit-Sweep on FIX. This order condition is currently only available on OUCH.

Dark-Lit Sweep is an internal routing strategy offered by Nasdaq Nordic. Orders using this routing strategy will first try to be executed in the Nordic@Mid Order Book within its given Limit price and then immediately in the Nasdaq Nordic Order Book as a normal BOOK Order as Immediate-or Cancel Order (IOC orders allowed only). Once accepted the Order will atomically sweep Nordic@Mid before being introduced in the Lit order book.

Protocol Specification

The Dark Lit SWEEP order tries to match at the midpoint of Nordic@Mid, before executing as IOC in the Lit book.

A new FIX Tag [20109] - OrderCondition is added to the FIX Order Entry protocol specification. For more details on how to send in Dark-Lit Sweep Orders via FIX, please visit the latest FIX Order Entry protocol specification, section 3.3.10 - Dark-Lit Sweep, available at INET Nordic Protocol Specifications.

Application Conformance

Trading applications will need to be conformance tested prior to the use of the new functionality. A new test case has been added to the FIX Order Entry Conformance test cases, available at INET Nordic Environments under Application Conformance. 

Implementation schedule

  • INET Test NTF - Available
  • INET Production - Q4, 2023 (date will be announced early October)

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