Trade Reporting -

manual trade reporting for cash equities


Report bilateral cash equity trades through the Nordic Workstation or via FIX.

Any on-exchange trades that occur outside Nasdaq Nordic’s central limit order book, must be reported. Any bilateral trades, or manual trades, must be reported within the time frame specified in the Nasdaq Nordic member Rules.

All the functionality needed for reporting of manual trades is available from the Nordic Workstation or via FIX.

Note that over-the-counter (OTC) trade reporting for all assets classes including bonds and derivatives are covered by the Nasdaq Approved Publication Arrangement  (Nasdaq APA).

Matching Criteria

When one-party reporting is used, a locked-in trade is created when both sides have reported the trade and the matching criteria are met.

INET will recognize a manual trade when the following information matches:

  • Symbol
  • Trade date
  • Firm / Contra
  • Price
  • Quantity
  • Settlement date (if specified)
  • Clearing indicator
  • Trade type / MMT

Report Types

One-Party Report

Members can report each trade side for matching by Nasdaq Nordic. When both parties have reported their side and the required data matches, a locked-in trade will be created. Unmatched reports will be cancelled at the end of the trading day.

Two-Party Pre-Locked Report

One member can report both trade sides when both buyer and seller are represented by the same Member firm or if only one part of the trade is a Member or if the reporting party is a service provider reporting the trade on behalf of a Member.

Break Locked-in Trade or Cancel Trade

The entering trading participants can cancel the reported trades within 10 minutes after the reporting. In case of One-party report for matching, both parties must send Cancel request to cancel the Manual Trade.

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