Nordic Equity Derivatives

Manage risk or increase yield using standardized or custom options, futures and forwards for Nordic stocks and indices.

Nasdaq Nordic offers trading and clearing of a large variety of options, futures and forwards based on Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Norwegian stocks and indices.

In additions to standardized derivatives, we offer tailored products that you can design to match your desired risk exposure, either globally or for the Nordic markets. Your tailored contracts come with all the benefits of CCP clearing, such as simplified administration and reduced bilateral risk.

Stock Derivatives

Stock Options on the Nordic Markets

Stock Options are available for over 100 underlying shares on the Nordic markets.

Stock Futures & Forwards

Stock futures & forwards on Swedish, Danish, Norwegian & Finnish shares.

Options on Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in Sweden

For reduced risk exposure or increased yield on Exchange Traded Funds.

Stock Weekly Options

With the weekly options, you can better express your view on individual shares in the short term.

Nordic Index Derivatives

Index Options on the Nordic Markets

Index options based on the OMXS30, OMXS30ESG, OMXC25 and OMXO20 indices.

Index Futures on the Nordic Markets

Index futures on Swedish, Danish, Norwegian & Finnish shares.

OMX Swedish Dividend Futures (OMXS30)

With Nasdaq's new OMXS30 Dividend Futures, traders can hedge and trade dividends with the benefits of CCP clearing.

Index Weekly Options for OMXS30

Express your view on the OMXS30 in the short term.

Tailored Products

Tailor-made Combinations

User-defined combination orders with central system execution.

Flex Derivatives Contracts to Fit Your Strategy

Design contracts to fit your investment strategies.

Custom Basket Forwards

Providing investors with tailored exposure to global equities and the security of multilateral trading on Nasdaq Nordic.

Key Features
  • Flexible, cost efficient and secure.
  • A customized tool for ESG investments.
  • Global equity exposure made simple.


Becoming a Market Maker for Nordic Equity Derivatives

As a member at Nasdaq Derivatives Market you have a possibility to become a Market Maker in listed series.

Key Features
  • Market Maker Fees
  • Instantaneous Placement/Removal of Quotes
  • Extra Functionality

Rules & Regulations - Derivatives Rules

Rules and Regulations of Nasdaq Derivatives Markets govern Nasdaq Stockholm's derivative exchange & Nasdaq Clearing.

Nordic Equity Derivatives in the U.S.

CFTC and SEC approved products

Nasdaq Exchange Brokers

Nasdaq Exchange Brokers provides a tailored manual trading system for market participants in the Nordics.

Key Features
  • A tailored manual trading system
  • Over 80 years of combined experience
  • Uniquely placed to provide meaningful and effective assistance

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