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As a market maker you receive benefits such as market maker fees and extra functionality.

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Becoming a Market maker for Equity Derivatives

As a member at Nasdaq Derivatives Market you have a possibility to become a Market Maker in listed series on all Nordic markets.

The purpose of the Market Maker program is to maintain a high level of order book liquidity in options and futures on Nordic shares and indices.

A Market Maker, you agree to provide quotes on your Market Maker account regarding various exchange listed instruments in accordance with an agreement between your company and the exchange (Market Maker Agreement). In exchange you receive a number of benefits such as Market Maker fees and multi-quote functionality.

When the main Market Maker Agreement is signed, an appendix needs to be signed for each market segment (Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Norwegian) where the member wishes to become a Market Maker. Separate appendices need to be signed depending on whether you wish to become a Market Maker on Monthly and/or Weekly Options.

Market Maker Agreement for Equity Derivatives

The Market Maker Fee list is available in the Derivative Rules.

The main agreement and appendices are available in the resource center below.

Key Benefits

Market Maker Fees

As a market maker your will trade at lower fees, according to the Market Maker Fee List.

Instantaneous Placement/Removal of Quotes

Instantaneous placement/removal of quotes (two-sided prices) is a function reserved for Market Makers.

Extra Functionality

Market makers get access to additional features, such as multi-quote functionality.

Resource Center

Resource Center

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