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Protocol Specifications


INET NORDIC PROTOCOL SPECIFICATIONS - found below in Resource Center

The INET Nordic protocol specifications are necessary for Members, Brokers and Independent Software Vendors (ISV) trading application integration with the INET Nordic trading platform.

The protocol specifications below are valid for the INET Nordic Production system.

Future protocol specifications, when available, are upcoming INET protocols available in INET Test NTF and in INET Production according to time schedules published via IT-Notices

Find more information on upcoming enhancements - visit INET Nordic Enhancements and find more information about upcoming INET Nordic Market Model on European Rules & Regulations.

The INET Nordic Market Model describes the functionalities of trading Equities and related instruments on the Nasdaq Nordic Regulated Markets and First North on Nasdaq Nordic, including Nasdaq Baltic1.

1. Nasdaq Nordic refers to, either each individually or all together, Nasdaq Copenhagen A/S, Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd, Nasdaq Iceland hf. and Nasdaq Stockholm AB. Nasdaq Nordic may also include Nasdaq Baltic that respectively refers to Nasdaq Riga, Nasdaq Tallinn and Nasdaq Vilnius.

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