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Nasdaq Commodities has around 250 members from more than 20 countries. The members include energy producers, energy intensive industries, large consumers, distributors, funds, investment companies, banks, brokers, utility companies and financial institutions. 
By becoming a member, you get access to the trading and clearing services defined for the membership type you have selected. 

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How to Become a Member

1. Contact Us

Please contact our sales team for a briefing on our membership application and onboarding process. We are available at

2. Sign a Member Portal Administration Appointment Form 

To provide a login for the Nasdaq Commodities application portal we need a signed appointment form. The appointment form will be sent to you by our sales team. 
The appointment form must be signed by a person authorized to sign for your company. Attach documentation which validates due authorization, plus a list of signatories with signature samples of the signing person(s) and/or copies of official ID of the signing person(s) (passport, national ID etc.).
Send the appointment form with attachments to

3. Submit the Membership Application through our Member Portal

Once you have your login you can access the Member Portal where you will be able to submit your membership Application. 

You will need to attach the following appendices to your application (in English, Swedish, Norwegian or Danish):

1.    Annual report for the previous 2 years (signed by Auditor)
2.    Interim Report (if existing)
3.    Articles of Association
4.    Copy of the company’s Certificate of Incorporation (max 2 months old)
5.    Clear description of the ownership structure (if not included in the application or annual report)
6.    Documentation evidencing due authorization of the signing person(s) to sign on behalf of the relevant legal entity
7.    A list of signatories with signature samples of the signing person(s) and/or copies of official ID of the signing person(s) 
       (passport, national ID etc.)
8.    If GCM or DCA – copy of relevant authorizations that allows applicant to have clients

Depending on which membership you are applying for, different forms need to be completed in the Member Portal:

4. Testing your access to the Genium INET Trading and Clearing System

Make sure you discuss your market access setup and account structure with your Nasdaq Membership Coordinator. The structure can then be verified in a test environment before going live.

5. Verification of Connectivity and Software

For conformance test of software used towards Nasdaq, please contact Technical Support to arrange for testing.

6. Member Agreements and Forms to be Completed

Once your membership application has been processed, you can access your agreement package through the Member Portal. Complete the forms and sign the Member Agreement.

Send the originals to:

Nasdaq Vilnius
Att: Memberships
Business center K29
Konstitucijos pr. 29
LT-08105 Vilnius

7. Get Confirmation and Start Trading and Clearing at Nasdaq

Trading and clearing can start when all agreements and forms have been approved by Nasdaq, technical access has been established and a start date has been agreed.

Membership Documents

Nasdaq Commodities Membership

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