Seafood Derivatives Clearing

- CCP clearing for smooth settlement without counterparty credit risk



Clearing of Salmon Futures

Nasdaq offers clearing of salmon derivatives traded on the seafood exchange Fish Pool ASA. Futures trading data from Fish Pool ASA is transferred automatically to Nasdaq where matching trades are cleared.
The salmon derivatives are settled against the Fish Pool Index™ for fresh Superior Atlantic Salmon, head on gutted.
To access trading, go to Fish Pool ASA.

The Fish Pool Index™ and NQSALMON index

The Fish Pool Index™ is the underlying index for all Salmon Futures traded at Fish Pool ASA and cleared at Nasdaq Commodities. The Nasdaq index NQSALMON weights 95 % of the Fish Pool Index™ and the remaining 5 % is derived from Norwegian fish export statistics.
NQSALMON is a BMR compliant index that measures the weekly spot price of salmon, in nine different weight classes. NQSALMON is based on input data composed of average price and volume from actual, invoiced physical transactions.
More information about the NQSALMON index ->

Contract specifications

Find all specifications for salmon futures clearing in the Clearing Rules, Appendix 2A – Contract Specifications.


Market Activity and News

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Market Activity and News

Clearing Salmon Futures at Nasdaq

Removes counterparty credit risk

CCP Clearing removes any counterparty credit risk.

Close integration with Fish Pool ASA

Salmon futures trading data is automatically transferred to Nasdaq for clearing.

Automated clearing & settlement

Upon successful matching, all trades are cleared and settled automatically.

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