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hedge and trade dividends on exchange with the benefits of CCP clearing

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Express your view on future dividends from the companies included in the OMXS30 index.

With our new OMXS30 Dividend Futures, you can trade listed cash-settled index futures on the OMX Stockholm 30 Dividend Point Index (OMXS30DVP).

The underlying index is calculated, in dividend points, as the running total of ordinary dividends paid by the constituents of the OMX Stockholm 30 Index. The index is reset to zero once a year after the expiration of the nearest OMXS30 Dividend Futures contract.

OMXS30 Dividend Futures

TYPE OF CONTRACT: Listed futures contract with daily cash settlement

UNDERLYING: OM Stockholm 30 Dividend Point Index (ISIN SE0004270494)

PRICE QUOTATION: Index points with two decimal places

CONTRACT VALUE: SEK 100 per index dividend point

MIN PRICE CHANGE: 0.01 points = value SEK 1.00

FINAL SETTLEMENT: Cash settlement, payable on the first bank day following the expiration day

FINAL SETTLEMENT PRICE: Official end-of-day value of the underlyin index on the expiration day

LAST TRADING & EXPIRATION DAY: 3rd Friday in December if this is a Swedish bank day and not a half trading day, otherwise the previous bank day

MATURITIES: Listed up to 36 months so that the three nearest years are always available for trading.

DIVIDEND PERIOD: From but excluding the expiration day of the preceding contract, to and including the expiration day of the relevant contract


Each tradable series shall be designated by the designation for the contract base, expiration year and expiration month, where

  • contract base is designated “OMXDIV”;
  • expiration year is designated by the final number of the year in which the series expires; and
  • expiration month is designated by the letter “L” for the month of December.

TRADING HOURS (CET): Order book: 09:00 – 17:25 | Off-book trade registration: 09:00 – 19:00

MARGIN MODEL: OMS II (Equity Derivatives)

EXCHANGE: Nasdaq Stockholm AB


Bloomberg Underlying / Futures: OMX30DVP Index / OXD
Thomson Reuters Underlying / Futures: OMXS30DVP / 0#OMXDIV:


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