efficient integration with CCPs for clearing & settlement

This Solution Helps

  • Banks
  • Brokers

End-to-end business flow for clearing & settlement

NetClear is a multi-market solution that creates effective and stable clearing & settlement processes for banks and brokers, trading in markets supported by a CCP structure. NetClear works as an integration hub between the CCPs and the underlying settlement systems for a general clearing member (GCM) or direct clearing member (DCM).

For a non-clearing member (NCM), NetClear can be used to reconcile market place trades and the GCM net settlement instructions. The same process is used to integrate between an NCM and their GCM. With NetClear you can minimize your investments, simplify and streamline the process of adapting and maintaining your in-house systems.

STP Processing with Exception Management

Straight through processing of transactions with exception management.

NetClear is designed around the principle of straight through processing (STP) with exception management. The operational staff only handles the exceptions and let STP processes flow through the system without manual intervention.

Reconciled Net Settlement Instruction

Reconcile all transactions intraday and start your exception management already on trade date!

When trading on multiple exchanges and/or MTFs with clearing through one or multiple CCPs and/or GCMs, NetClear collects gross transactions from the exchanges and CCPs. This gives you the opportunity to reconcile all transactions intraday and start your exception management already on trade date. NetClear mirrors the market participants account structure as set up with each CCP and each GCM and provides netting according to this structure.

Risk Monitoring

NetClear monitors Trading Participants pending settlement exposure grouped by currency, CSD, trade and settlement dates.

The risk is expressed as the profit and loss in the relationship between market price and the underlying instructions settlement amount. The Risk monitor is a valuable tool for a GCM that has trading participants that act as settlement agents i.e. acting only as a clearing party. The user can define thresholds that NetClear will monitor and notify if reached.


Create customized queries and export your reports to Excel.

The user can easily create complex queries to support the need of keeping track of the extensive business information that is passed through NetClear. All data presented in the user interface can be exported to Excel.

Fee Management

NetClear keeps track of your fees and simplifies your audit trail.

With a CCP a new fee structure appears. NetClear keeps track of your fees and simplifies your audit trail. NetClear also provides statistics as e.g. number of trades per exchange/MTF.

Collateral Management

NetClear presents all data on trading participant level with data from all CCPs collected for best overview.

CCP’s are normally sending a daily updated view of the collateral account and margin requirements. NetClear presents all data on trading participant level and by integrating all CCP’s in the same solution this gives the user an easy access to and overview of this very business critical data.

NetClear Benefits

Reduce Clearing and Settlement Operations

With automated reconciliation of market place trades you only need to clear and settle the netted positions. Fewer transactions to handle reduces the workload for the back office.

Minimized Cost for Inhouse Systems

By using NetClear as an integration hub you can minimize investments and maintenance costs for your inhouse systems.

Reduced Operational Risk

Automated management of CCP trades minimizes the risk of human errors in the clearing and settlement process.

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