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EMIR Reporting


EMIR Reporting

One of the key directives under The European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) is the obligation under Article 9 of the regulation to report all derivatives contracts to Trade Repositories (EMIR reporting).

Nasdaq Clearing is under the obligation to report trades and positions cleared with the clearing house. This webpage describes how we report and how necessary data can be sourced to allow for counterparts to align their reporting to achieve pairing and matching of trades and positions.

Nasdaq Clearing Counterparty Details

Legal name
Nasdaq Clearing AB

Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)

Trade Repository

Unique Trade Identifiers (UTI) for Trades and Positions

Nasdaq Clearing generates UTIs for both trades and positions and makes them available for reporting counterparts in relevant systems. Counterparts to the clearing house are expected to use UTIs generated by Nasdaq Clearing in their reporting.

Reportable Fields

Detailed information on how Nasdaq Clearing populates reportable fields for different types of contracts is available in the EMIR Reporting Handbook.

Data Available from the Clearing House

Nasdaq Clearing provides its counterparts with data reports for EMIR reporting purposes. These reports are available on a daily basis in the Genium INET clearing system.

  • EMIR Trades – reportable values for trades, positions, market values and collateral, both Counterparty Data and Common Data on a trade by trade and position level. 
    Clearing participants can access this daily NEMIRV3 file on Q-port. See the Resource Center for an example NEMIRV3 file.
  • EMIR Instrument Reference Data – EMIR specific instrument reference data for all reportable instruments, including e.g. instrument identifiers, classifications and commodities reference data
  • EMIR CCP Harmonized File – position UTI and select EMIR fields in a standardized format across CCPs to facilitate the consumption and use of the CCP generated position UTI in member EMIR reporting.

Data can also be sourced from other reports and directly through the clearing system API. Please contact the clearing house for more information.

While Nasdaq Clearing has used reasonable endeavors to ensure that the data of any issued report is correct, Nasdaq Clearing assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions in the content of such reports, or for the result of use of any information contained therein. Any information given in reports shall not be construed to alter the clearing member’s or non-clearing member’s obligations and liabilities under the Clearing Rules of Nasdaq Derivatives Market and/or Clearing Rules for Commodity Derivatives, as applicable, and related agreements.

Nasdaq EMIR Reporting Services

Nasdaq provides an EMIR reporting service for reporting obligations under Article 9 of EMIR where customers can delegate the reporting of their own and their end clients’ trades to Nasdaq. For more information on Nasdaq’s EMIR Trade Reporting Service please contact

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