Technical Information - Genium INET Trading and Clearing Platform

Genium INET is the trading and clearing platform for Nordic Equity Derivatives, Fixed Income Derivatives, Fixed Income Cash and Commodities products.

Genium INET Enhancements and Upcoming Releases

Genium INET Upgrade to version 5.0.0230

Check continuously updates for the Genium INET 5.0.0230 release

Genium INET Upgrade to version 5.0.0235

Check continuously updates for the Genium INET 5.0.0235 release

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Genium INET Protocol Specifications

Nasdaq supports FIX, OMnet, ITCH and AMD integration to the Genium INET platform.

Genium INET Front-Ends

Nasdaq provides front-ends for trading, clearing and risk management.

Genium INET Test Systems

Nasdaq provides its exchange members and third party developers with several different test systems.

Genium INET Conformance

All applications connecting to Genium INET are subject to conformance testing, to ensure functionality and security.

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European Market Connectivity

Access to the Nasdaq European platforms can be obtained through a variety of different options.

Technical Information - Genium Consolidated Feed (GCF)

Technical Information about Genium Consolidated Feed.

Nasdaq Nordic File Delivery System

File Delivery Service (FDS) is a web based file format and size independent Nasdaq solution used for distributing files.

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European Rules and Regulations

Common Nordic Rules & Regulations and Market Abuse Regulation

Nordic Equity Derivatives

Manage risk or increase yield using standardized or custom options, futures and forwards for Nordic stocks and indices.

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