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We offer both open training events and in-house, tailored training.

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Nasdaq Commodities Academy offers a variety of classroom and in-house courses designed to improve the knowledge within individuals and organizations. Courses are held in English, Swedish and Norwegian. 
As part of the joint effort to increase knowledge about the power market, Nasdaq Commodities co-operates with other institutions such as Energiföretagen Sverige, ADATO Energia in Helsinki and Energi Norge.

Course dates in 2022 Event Location Language
November 10 The Financial Markets Training Oslo English
TBA Options Trading TBA English
Flexible In-House Training Per request Flexible

Course Registration

Email Remember to include your full name, title, email address, phone number, full company name, organization number and company invoicing address. Kindly also specify if you have any allergies.


The Financial Markets Training

Are you new in the Commodities markets of wish to increase your knowledge on these topics? Irrespective of background, all participants are welcome to join this entry level course.

The purpose of the course is to give participants a broad understanding of all products listed on the Nasdaq Commodities exchange with weight on the Nordic and European power market.

The course will provide the participant a clear understanding of the difference between the physical and financial marketplaces, the role of the different participants, the products and markets that are offered in addition to trading and settlement, clearing and surveillance. 

Length: 1 day

Target audience: Members and non-members of the exchange and clearing house, media, brokers, legal counsel, public offices, students and others

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Options Training

Have you ever wondered what options are and how they can be traded? Join Nasdaq Academy’s course and learn the basics of options. If you wish to increase your knowledge of this tool we also offer advanced strategy courses (on request).

Length: 1/2 day or 1 day

Target audience: Members and non-members of the exchange and clearing house, brokers, traders, Risk Management, students and others

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In-House Training

If your company needs to train a group of employees, we also offer in-house training. The contents and length of the course can be adapted to your specific requirements. We can arrange both on and off-site training, depending on your preferences.

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