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Nasdaq technology powers 250+ organizations in 50+ countries around the world

Nasdaq’s world-leading technology powers more than 250 of the world’s infrastructure organizations, regulators and market participants in 50+ countries - from Iraq to Indonesia and from Equities Exchanges to Re-insurance, Advertising and Real Estate. Each of these organizations has a unique story and is rewriting their future by inventing new asset classes, differentiating their service portfolio, driving integrity or even forming a brand new category - all with technology as a cornerstone to their success.

The Nasdaq Technology Community is rich with perspectives and experiences - all featured here, for you to enjoy. 

Rwanda - How to Grow a Country of Farmers

Millions of people were looking for market access. The East Africa Exchange (EAX) needed to reduce market barriers for investors who wanted to capitalize on the country’s agricultural potential. This way, they would not only support local farmers, but but help Rwanda achieve food and energy security, as well as Improve Africa's overall global trade and capital market competitiveness

Learn more about EAX and their efforts to reduce market barriers by viewing the infographic

Turkey - The Financial Hub of Eurasia

How do you transform the technology of three Turkish exchanges into the world’s most sophisticated trading platform?

Find out how Nasdaq has unified the technology from Turkey's three exchanges into one seamless platform by viewing the infographic. 

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Using the Nasdaq Financial Framework, there is complete transparency throughout the entire lifecycle of a trade between buyers and sellers, coupled with our regulatory expertise in all markets

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Innovation is in our DNA. For over 20 years, Nasdaq has been delivering solutions to marketplaces, clearinghouses and CSDs that help drive their ambitions, and their economies forward.

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We celebrate our technology partners and bring together our clients from around the world, creating innovative solutions to transform your business.

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