Certified Advisers

provide guidance and support for companies during the listing process.

This Solution Helps

  • Market Regulators
  • Private Companies
  • Public Companies


The Certified Adviser is responsible for guiding and supporting the company in the listing process and while being listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market. All Certified Advisers are approved by the Exchange and has attended the Certified Adviser training

The list of Certified Advisers can be downloaded here


The company approved as a Certified Adviser may not own more than 10 percent of the shares or voting rights in a company to which they provides advice. In conjunction with the publication of the reports of unaudited annual earnings figures and semi-annual reports, Certified Advisers must provide the Exchange with information about their holdings in those companies to which they provide advice. An employee who is involved in the function as Certified Adviser to a company shall not be allowed to trade in the shares of that company. Find CA*s shareholdings under Resource Center below. 


Rules & Regulations

The rules and regulations serve an important purpose to sustain confidence in the financial market, enable a common framework for listed companies and protect minority stakeholders such as retail investors.

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Nordic Surveillence

The Surveillance function within Nasdaq Nordic has the primary goal of working to maintain confidence in the exchange amongst the general public.

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Statistics & Reports

By signing up for subscription to messages and reports you will receive them by e-mail as soon as they are released. It is also possible to search the news archive on the web.

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Nordic Corporate Actions

A corporate action is an event in a company that may – but not necessarily – have an impact on the share price of the company. Examples of corporate actions are mergers, issues, conversions, stock splits, spin offs, exercise of warrants etc.

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Nasdaq Listing Center

All forms that are included in the application for a new listing on First North Growth Market shall go through the Nasdaq Listing Center.

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Listing Forms

General listing forms related to a listing on Nasdaq Nordic

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