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- Nasdaq Commodities provides trading, clearing and physical delivery of Electricity Certificates


We offer a one-stop shop for trading of Swedish and Norwegian electricity certificates.

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About Swedish and Norwegian Electricity Certificates

Electricity certificates are awarded to producers of renewable energy by the Swedish Energy Agency and the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate. Buyers of energy are required to possess a certain amount of electricity certificates in relation to their sales or consumption of energy. A demand is thus created where renewable energy producers can sell their electricity certificates for increased revenue. Electricity certificates are annulled yearly, and new certificates are awarded based on reported production of renewable energy. 

Trading, Clearing and Delivery of Electricity Certificates

Nasdaq Commodities offers a transparent and regulated marketplace for buyers and sellers of electricity certificates. 
As a member, you can place your orders through the Trading Workstation, our user-friendly and reliable trading system, or use Market Place Services (MPS) for voice execution. Alternatively, we have partnered with a number of Independent Software Vendors that offer conformance tested trading applications that connect to our exchange.  
All trades are cleared by Nasdaq Clearing to eliminate counterpart credit risk. Physical electricity certificates are delivered to designated accounts in Cesar registry (Swedish) or NECS (Norway). 
Nasdaq Clearing offers netting and margins offsets between all markets to minimize the number of transactions needed.

Electricity Certificate Products 

Day Futures: 


DS Futures: 

  • Years: ELCSEKMAR-[YY] 
  • 6 rolling 
  • Expiry: March

Min. Contract Sizes

  • Trade Lot = 1000 El-cert 
  • Clearing Lot = 1 El-Cert = 1 MWh


  • Physical 

Electricity certificates are traded in SEK, with a minimum ticker size of 0.01. 

Market Activity and News

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Market Activity and News

Trading Electricity Certificates at Nasdaq Commodities

Transparency and reliability

The electricity certificates market at Nasdaq have the same high transparency as our other markets. Prices and trade volumes are made public without restrictions. Our trading and clearing systems are very reliable and offer excellent uptime.

Easy access and flexible membership

Getting started with electricity certificate trading is easy. Once your membership application is complete and approved you can start trading using the Trading Workstation or choose to trade using software from one of our approved ISVs.

CCP clearing removes counterparty credit risk

When trading at Nasdaq you do not need to worry about counterparty credit risks. All trades are settled by Nasdaq Clearing and physical certificates delivered to your Cesar account (Sweden) or NECS Registry (Norway).

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