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Membership and Connectivity

U.S. Connectivity

Nasdaq Connectivity Services

Access to all Nasdaq markets and market data feeds

Nasdaq Co-Location

Co-locate trading equipment within Nasdaq's primary data center & provide proximity to the liquidity of our U.S. markets

Nasdaq Point of Presence (POP)

A fast, convenient, and cost-effective way to connect to our markets

Nasdaq Direct Connectivity

Dedicated connection for clients that are located outside of the Nasdaq Data Center.

Canada Connectivity

Nasdaq Canada Connectivity

Nasdaq offers cost-effective, fast, flexible, reliable connectivity to Nasdaq Canada.

European Connectivity

European Market Connectivity

Access to the Nasdaq European platforms can be obtained through a variety of different options.

Connectivity - Co-Lo & Connectivity Console

Manage your inventory, place orders for new services, and track progress of open orders.

Connectivity - Co-Location Services

Nasdaq provides a number of add-on services to meet co-location customer needs.

Key Features
  • Ultra-low latency connectivity
  • Energy efficient
  • Highly secure and access-controlled environment

Connectivity - Sponsored Access

Nasdaq Nordic Offers Sponsored Access For Both Cash Equity And Derivatives Markets Members.

Connectivity - NODE

Nasdaq Datacenter Extended—NODE—Your Gateway to Nasdaq.

European Membership

Cash Equity Membership

Step-by-step description on how to obtain a membership on Nasdaq Nordic Cash Equity Markets.

Commodities Membership

How to become a member: Our step by step membership application process and list of required documentation.

Derivatives Membership

Step-by-step description on how to obtain a membership at Nasdaq Derivatives Markets.

Fixed Income Membership

Step-by-step description on how to obtain a membership on Nasdaq Nordic Fixed Income markets.

European Technical Information

INET Nordic Protocol Specifications

The protocol specifications are necessary for participants trading application integration with INET Nordic platform.

INET Nordic Environments

INET Nordic & Baltic Production, Testing and Conformance information.

INET Nordic Functional Enhancements

This web page is continuously updated in accordance with information regarding upcoming INET Nordic enhancements.

Genium INET Protocol Specifications

Nasdaq supports FIX, OMnet, ITCH and AMD integration to the Genium INET platform.

Genium INET Front-Ends

Nasdaq provides front-ends for trading, clearing and risk management.

Genium INET Test Systems

Nasdaq provides its members and third party developers with several different test systems.

Genium INET Conformance

All applications connecting to Genium INET are subject to conformance testing, to ensure functionality and security.

Nordic Equity Derivatives Platform Migration

Equity Derivatives Replatforming
Introducing the NFF Trading Platform

Genium INET - Pro-Rata Matching

Upcoming change of matching method for OMXS30 Index Options

Technical Information - Genium Consolidated Feed (GCF)

Technical Information about Genium Consolidated Feed.

Nasdaq Nordic File Delivery Service

File Delivery Service (FDS) is a web based file format and size independent Nasdaq solution used for distributing files.

Genium INET Upgrade to version 5.0.0280

Check continuously updates for the Genium INET 5.0.0280 release

Pre-Trade Risk Management

Pre-trade Risk Management

Today’s marketplaces share an increased focus on risk management, specifically on pre-trade risk management. Learn more.

Pre-trade Risk Management for INET Nordic

Complete MIFID II proof pre-trade risk protection with order level control of trading.

Key Features
  • Low Latency
  • Facilitates Sponsored Access
  • Quick & Easy Implementation

Pre-trade Risk Management for Genium INET

PRM is a solution that ensures market integrity, is compliant wih the ESMA Guidelines and focuses on automated trading.

Key Features
  • Low Latency
  • Facilitates Sponsored Access
  • Quick & Easy Implementation

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