Nordic Co-Lo Services -

Opportunity to co-locate servers and equipment.


Nasdaq offers all customers the opportunity to co-locate their servers and equipment within the Nasdaq Data Center, providing proximity to the speed and liquidity of all of our Nordic markets. Through co-location, trading participants, vendors and service providers are able to reduce latency and network complexity by utilizing high density cabinets and a single hand-off for all Nasdaq Nordic markets. Nasdaq offers a wide variety of connectivity options and market data to fit your firm’s specific network and trading strategy needs.


Nasdaq offers a Co-location program that provides:

  • Ultra-low latency connectivity to Nasdaq´s trading systems
  • Energy efficient data center facility
  • A highly secure and access-controlled environment, with necessary power including redundant generator systems
  • Onsite technical support from Nasdaq’s highly trained staff
  • A range of value-added services
  • Diverse choice of telco and extranet providers

Nasdaq provides a number of add-on services to meet co-location customer needs:

Dedicated Gateway Service

Nasdaq provides customers with the opportunity to access liquidity of the Nordic marketplaces via a production gateway dedicated uniquely to the customer and avoid the potential impact of other members trading activity.

Customers subscribing to this service are granted exclusive use of a production gateway subject to the same service levels of any other production gateway.

The service is available for Genium INET OMnet and FIX and INET OUCH gateways.

Dedicated Gateways can be accessed both from Nasdaq Nordic Co-location Service Area and/or via external connections.

Remote Hands Service

Nasdaq Nordic provides Remote Hands Service for a variety of on-site technical support functions.


- Power cycling of equipment;

- Patching and plugging in cabling and circuits;

- Observing, describing or reporting on display indicators;

- Diagnosis and repairs as instructed by the Customer;

- Configurations of hardware components Swapping hardware components with customer-supplied spares or upgrades;

- Troubleshooting heat related issues as instructed by the Customer;

- Returning defective equipment to the manufacturer or customer

Cabinet Reservation Program

For Co-location customers.

The Cabinet Reservation Program (CRP) gives Co-location customers the ability to reserve cabinets and power at a reduced rate allowing customers to plan for future growth and reserve space as close to their existing cabinets as possible. Reservation options may have an open duration or an agreed expiry date.

Co-location at Disaster Recover Site

Co-location customers can now enhance their Business Continuity plans by purchasing, at a lower price, cabinets and power at Nasdaq Nordic Disaster Recovery (DR) site.

In the event of unavailability of our primary site or site fail-over, customers subscribing to this service will be able to continue running their latency critical business from cabinets located at the DR site and with the same service levels as provided to the primary co-location site.

Contact us to learn more about the Co-lo at DR site.


Cages & Storage Facility

Nasdaq offers a dedicated steel-mesh cage in the Co-location Service Area based on your space and power needs. Nasdaq experienced Co-location professionals can configure a custom Co-location cage to accommodate a wide array of free standing equipment and give you an additional layer of protection.

Nasdaq offers cold storage facility in the Data Centre to the Co-location customers. The storage space is equipped with features such as: smoke detection units, fire suppression systems and tightly controlled access.

Contact us to learn more about Cages & Storage Facility.

Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Service

MiFID II mandates clock synchronization at European exchanges and trading firms.

Nasdaq seeks to offer a Precision Time Protocol (PTP) service for its Nordic Co-Location customers at the Vasby datacenter to meet such requirements. Customers subscribing to the service will be using the same clock source as the Nasdaq trading systems. The service is utilizing the PTPv2 protocol to synchronize clocks to achieve nanosecond accuracy and can be used for:

- Time Synchronization

- Troubleshooting

- Compliance

- Fine Tuning Trading Algorithms

- Latency Calculations

- Precisions Trade Capture

Using GPS Common View Time Transfer, Nasdaq is continuously comparing its time representation with UTC(SP), as realized by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. Repeated calibrations of Nasdaq’s timing infrastructure assure UTC traceability and clients can use published reports to demonstrate their traceability to UTC.

The PTP service is available to order via the Co-Lo & Connectivity Console.

Nasdaq Co-location program provides

Ultra-low latency connectivity

to Nasdaq´s trading systems

Energy efficient

data center facility

Highly secure and access-controlled environment

- with necessary power including redundant generator systems

Onsite technical support

from Nasdaq’s highly trained staff

Value-added services

offered to choose from

Telco and extranet providers

- select from diverse options

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