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Conformance testing


All applications connecting to Genium INET are subject to conformance testing, to ensure functionality and security.

Conformance test is applicable for Independent Software Vendors (ISV´s) and members with in-house developed interfaces.

A conformance test is performed to validate the Genium INET platform’s integrity by ensuring that external software products conform to specified rules, described in the API/Protocol manuals and conformance test documents. Conformance tests are tailored for different types of applications.



The developer contacts Nasdaq to clarify any outstanding issues and to schedule the individual Certification tests.

Conformance Test Support Contact:
Technical Support
+46 8 405 6750


All applications developed by ISV´s or developed in-house by members, connecting to Genium INET needs to be registered in the Nasdaq Member Portal. Members with Sponsored Access Clients have to register their Sponsored access clients’ applications and map their users/sessions to the application.

The registration will consist of the name of the application, version number, contact information etc. Once registered, a conformance test can be requested in Member Portal.

See the guide on how to register and request conformance test.

Once a conformance test has been requested, our technical support will respond to the request.


The developer should connect to a Nasdaq External Test Environment prior to the conformance test to ensure that the test cases work as expected.


Certification will be done in interaction with Nasdaq personnel. The client will be instructed to execute specified certification test cases and the exchange verifies that the client application fulfills the expected requirements and behavior.

Conformance Test Cases

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