Global Equity Derivatives

Through our market for Equity derivatives, we seek to bring enhanced functionality and world-leading technology to power our suite of options exchanges and products.

2020 exchange leader in total volume traded in equity options across all categories, including proprietary single-exchange-listed options products and leader in multiple-listed equity options contracts for the the 11th consecutive year.

US Exchanges

Nasdaq PHLX (PHLX)

Nasdaq PHLX (PHLX) is a full service options trading platform delivering cutting-edge electronic and floor-based trading

Nasdaq Options Market (NOM)

NOM is an all-electronic, price/time priority trading system running on Nasdaq's high-speed INET technology.

Nasdaq BX Options (BX)

Geared toward retail order flow, Nasdaq BX Options is accessible using existing Nasdaq connectivity options.

Nasdaq ISE (ISE)

Nasdaq ISE (ISE) delivers fast and efficient execution of Complex, Implied and Crossing Orders.

Nasdaq GEMX (GEMX)

Nasdaq GEMX (GEMX) is designed to attract liquidity and offer price improvement opportunities.

Nasdaq MRX (MRX)

Nasdaq MRX (MRX) offers both a simple customer priority, pro-rata allocation market and a price-time complex market.

US Products

Nasdaq-100® Index Options

More options. More opportunity. Gain exposure to 100+ of the world’s largest, Nasdaq-listed, non-financial securities.

Key Features
  • Cash Settlement
  • European Style
  • Tax Advantages

FLEX® Options on PHLX

With FLEX Options, clients can customize equity options to fit specific investment strategies and goals.

Key Features
  • Specify Characteristics
  • Diversified
  • Mitigate Risk

PHLX FX Options

FX Options provide retail and institutional traders with the opportunity to trade options on 7 major foreign currencies.

Key Features
  • U.S. Dollar-Settled
  • Diversification
  • European Style

PHLX Sector-Based Index Options

PHLX offers a suite of Sector-Based Index Options, such as Utilities, Gold/Silver, Oil Services, Banks, and Housing.

Key Features
  • Cash Settlement
  • European Style
  • Easy Profit/Loss Calculation

Weekly and Quarterly Options

Nasdaq offers short-term options series (“Weeklies”) on underlyings.

Key Features
  • Maximize Leverage
  • Decreases Exposure
  • Establish Strategies

Nordic Stock Derivatives

Stock Options on the Nordic Markets

Stock Options are available for over 100 underlying shares on the Nordic markets.

Stock Futures & Forwards

Stock futures & forwards on Swedish, Danish, Norwegian & Finnish shares.

Options on Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in Sweden

For reduced risk exposure or increased yield on Exchange Traded Funds.

Stock Weekly Options

With the weekly options, you can better express your view on individual shares in the short term.

Nordic Index Derivatives

Index Options on the Nordic Markets

Index options based on the OMXS30, OMXS30ESG, OMXC25 and OMXO20 indices.

Index Futures on the Nordic Markets

Index futures on Swedish, Danish, Norwegian & Finnish shares.

OMX Swedish Dividend Futures (OMXS30)

With Nasdaq's new OMXS30 Dividend Futures, traders can hedge and trade dividends with the benefits of CCP clearing.

Index Weekly Options for OMXS30

Express your view on the OMXS30 in the short term.

Nordic Tailored Products

Tailor-made Combinations

User-defined combination orders with central system execution.

Flex Derivatives Contracts to Fit Your Strategy

Design contracts to fit your investment strategies.

Custom Basket Forwards

Providing investors with tailored exposure to global equities and the security of multilateral trading on Nasdaq Nordic.

Key Features
  • Flexible, cost efficient and secure.
  • A customized tool for ESG investments.
  • Global equity exposure made simple.

Nordic Market

Becoming a Market Maker for Nordic Equity Derivatives

As a member at Nasdaq Derivatives Market you have a possibility to become a Market Maker in listed series.

Key Features
  • Market Maker Fees
  • Instantaneous Placement/Removal of Quotes
  • Extra Functionality

Rules & Regulations - Derivatives Rules

Rules and Regulations of Nasdaq Derivatives Markets govern Nasdaq Stockholm's derivative exchange & Nasdaq Clearing.

Nordic Equity Derivatives in the U.S.

CFTC and SEC approved products

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