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    Post Trade Services & Solutions

    Our post-trade solutions support a broad range of asset classes, including OTC, and are reliable, and scalable to manage clearing operations for more straight-forward implementations to complex, multi-model,-currency and -market organizations.

    U.S. Post-Trade Services

    Post-Trade Reporting  ->

    The FINRA/Nasdaq Trade Reporting Facility (FINRA/Nasdaq TRF) brings you efficient, real-time Post-Trade Reporting.

    WorkX  ->

    Seamlessly enhance trade reporting, regulatory compliance and guard against risk.

    European Post Trade Services

    Corporate Actions Middleware (CAM)  ->

    Simplify corporate action surveillance and processing with Nasdaq Nordic’s CAM solution.

    Netclear  ->

    Multi-market clearing and settlement for banks and brokers.

    Regulatory Reporting Service for the Nordic Markets  ->

    Efficient reporting to investment firms, Approved ARMs, trade repositories and ACER

    Nasdaq Information Interface Service (NOIIS)  ->

    Consolidated access to data from information vendors, marketplaces, CSDs and CCPs.

    Nordic Fund Market  ->

    Technology and knowledge to improve the fund market.

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