Nasdaq GoodWorks

At Nasdaq, we engage, support and empower our communities. We give back by exercising our corporate expertise and investing our time and talent in communities where we live to make a meaningful difference. Together, our employees and contractors foster a culture of corporate responsibility both in their work and in their communities.


We elevate our commitment to our local communities through our Nasdaq Matching Gifts Program. Every year, all Nasdaq employees and contractors are granted $1,000 a year of company-matching to give to eligible, charitable organizations of their choice. Our matching gifts program effectively doubles the impact of all Nasdaq employee and Nasdaq contractors cash contributions to charitable organizations, which enables our families, fellow citizens, communities and resources to thrive.  

Nasdaq's Efforts to Date

Charities & Community Organizations

We have served more than 1,000 charitable organizations

Employee Time

We have donated more than 18,000 hours of employee time


We have made a total charitable impact of $4.9 million through Nasdaq GoodWorks