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    Quarterly Grant Program

    Diversifying entrepreneurship and empowering investors

    Making Markets More Open, Accessible and Fair


    Financial Knowledge & Confidence


    Empower organization that equip diverse investors with the financial knowledge and confidence they need to share in the wealth that markets can create.

    Grants will be given in this area to organizations and programs which deliver impact in one or more of the following ways:

    • Enhancing financial literacy among women and under-represented communities
    • Improving access to knowledge and tools among women and under-represented communities
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    Strengthen & Scale


    Support entrepreneurs who promote diversity with the resources to strengthen and scale those businesses and contribute to the prosperity of society.

    Grants will be given in this area to organizations and programs which deliver impact in one or more of the following ways:

    • Equipping women and diverse founders with mentoring and resources
    • Improving access to capital for women and diverse founders
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    Build & Contribute


    The Foundation will collaborate with organizations that can help build a deeper, data-led understanding where the challenges are greatest, what existing efforts could be amplified, and how the Foundation can make new and distinctive contributions in its mission to diversify entrepreneurship and empower investors.

    Criteria & Considerations

    Driven by Nasdaq’s Purpose to advance economic progress for all, the Nasdaq Foundation works with organizations that promote & support under-resourced communities by reimagining investor engagement and equipping communities with the financial knowledge needed to share in the wealth that markets create. The Quarterly Grant Program allows us to move nimbly to fund & help scale programs that align with the Foundation's mission.

    Capacity & Expertise

    Does the organization have the capacity and expertise to successfully leverage Nasdaq Foundation funding?

    Models & Track Record

    What is the organization’s governance and financial model, track record in the community and leadership team expertise?

    Intended Impact

    Will the project have influence or repercussions elsewhere in the community? If it is successful, could it be duplicated elsewhere, or scaled to serve more people?

    Proposal Deadline: February 9, 2024

    Submit a Proposal

    Proposals should be submitted through the online application portal prior to the quarterly deadline. Submissions received after the posted deadline will not be considered for that quarter.

    Please visit the Nasdaq Foundation online grants portal to submit a proposal today.

    Visit the Online Portal ->


    The Nasdaq Foundation will accept grant requests from:

    • Organizations designated as tax-exempt according to §501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code.
    • A for-profit business or consultant acting on behalf of a qualified tax-exempt entity or through a fiscal sponsor that is tax-exempt. Please note that if the grant is awarded, a representative of the tax-exempt entity must sign the grant agreement, and the grant will be paid to the tax-exempt entity.

    Entities specifically ineligible for Foundation support include:

    • For-profit businesses – generally, entities not designated as tax-exempt according to §501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code.
    • Entities and individuals designated as “disqualified persons” as defined in §4946 of the Internal Revenue Service code.
    • Former grant recipients who did not fulfill the terms of a previous grant from the Nasdaq Foundation or another tax-exempt entity.
    • Organizations that present a potential conflict of interest with Nasdaq, Inc., Nasdaq Philanthropic Foundation, Inc. or any of their officers or directors.

    There is no set minimum or maximum grant amount, though the average size of a grant made by the Foundation is $75,000. The Nasdaq Foundation’s Leadership Team will consider whether the amount requested is commensurate with the project proposed and appropriate for the Nasdaq Foundation’s annual grantmaking target and charitable purposes.

    Reasonable overhead costs may be included in the grant request but must be specified.

    Unless otherwise specified and agreed upon, all grants have one-year terms. The Nasdaq Foundation will consider a multiple-year commitment if the grant seeker can demonstrate the necessity or benefit of multiple-year funding in the grant proposal.

    There is no limit as to the number of proposals a single entity may submit at one time.


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    Contact us with any questions on eligibility, the application process, or other issues.

    Nasdaq Foundation

    Grant disbursement disclaimer:
    The Nasdaq Foundation has the option to pool undisbursed funds from quarter to quarter, and carry over unused amounts to the following year. The Foundation also has the option to not award a grant(s) during any quarter if suitable grant applications have not been received. Any proposals for contributions to programs or organizations outside of the Quarterly Grant Program will be presented to the Board for review and approval.