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Championing diversity in investor engagement

Nasdaq has relaunched the Nasdaq Foundation with a new mission: advancing diversity in investor engagement.

As part of our Purpose, the Foundation will work to support women and under-represented minority communities by focusing on two goals:

  1. Reimagining investor engagement to equip under-represented communities with the financial knowledge to share in the wealth that markets create

  2. Leveraging our investment in the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center alongside new strategic partnerships with organizations that can help build a deeper, data-led understanding where the challenges are greatest, what existing efforts could be amplified, and how the Nasdaq Foundation can make new and distinctive contributions

Quarterly Grant Program

As we strive to accelerate progress in diversifying entrepreneurship and empowering a more diverse group of investors, the Nasdaq Foundation will accept grant requests for programs that align with our focus areas.


Nasdaq Foundation Spotlight


1863 Ventures

“3Rs – Recover, Rebuild, Resilience”

1863 Venture’s 3Rs program provides business accelerator curriculum, 1:1 coaching, and non-dilutive capital allocation to Black businesses in an effort to help them stabilize, pivot, and recover from the detrimental effects of COVID-19.  The Nasdaq Foundation is supporting 1863 Ventures to administer their 3Rs program content in Spanish to increase accessibility to native Spanish speaking entrepreneurs and expand their impact on the Hispanic community of entrepreneurs in their current 3Rs cities.


“Sustain Her Success: Equipping Black & Latinx Women to Grow & Sustain Their Businesses”

digitalundivided is the leading non-profit leveraging our data, programs, and advocacy to catalyze economic growth for Black and Latinx women entrepreneurs and innovators. The Nasdaq Foundation is providing support for: (1) the Do You Fellowship Program, which will award 15 Black and Latinx female entrepreneurs and innovators with the tools, resources, and network necessary to develop their business; (2) the Regional Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Report, which will focus on the role of location in Black and Latinx women founders’ entrepreneurial journeys; and (3) the undivided We Rise event, which brings together thought leaders and experts in tech and innovation to discuss the importance of inclusivity in entrepreneurship.

Village Capital and the Black Innovation Alliance

"Resource: Broadening Pathways to Entrepreneurial Success"

Resource is an initiative designed to create a better enabling environment for Black, Latinx, and Indigenous founders. Resource centers on Entrepreneur Support Organizations (ESOs), which serve as a critical resource to help founders from these communities gain access to the resources they need to grow and scale. This initiative provides ESO leaders themselves with hands-on leadership and management training, a national community to share best practices and tools, and direct funding to help these organizations grow - creating a better future for Black, Latinx, and Indigenous founders across the country. The Nasdaq Foundation is a critical funder of this work, alongside other leaders like JP Morgan Chase, UBS, Traveler's, Moody's, and others

Wall Street Bound

“Introduction to Wall Street Bootcamp”

Wall Street Bound’s (WSB) mission is to provide diverse young adults with the skills, experience, and social capital that empower them to reach their full potential through “front office” financial service careers. With support from Nasdaq, WSB will host a series of Intro to Wall Street Bootcamps, a 20 - 25 hour capital markets and finance career path introduction, held virtually or live on college and university campuses nationwide, culminating in a Wall Street Direct, a rigorous, 10-week (150 hr) technical “hard” and professional skills training, preparing college students and recent graduates cohort. Intro to Wall Street Bootcamps will act as a bridge to enroll in our “Direct” training, which intentionally connects students with internship opportunities in the financial services industry.

Women’s Business Center of Utah, VentureCapital.Org, and The Mill Entrepreneurship Center

“Leveling the Playing Field for Women Entrepreneurs - Leave No Women Behind”

Women’s Business Center of Utah (WBCUtah), VentureCapital.Org (VCO), and The Mill Entrepreneurship Center are collaborating to advance women entrepreneurship in Utah offering each organization’s suite of programs to provide women entrepreneurs with the knowledge to start a business or scale up their business. The Nasdaq Foundation is supporting the organizations to provide for free a total of 16 trainings, events, and courses, including “Jump Start: Intro to Entrepreneurship,” the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Accelerator, and the Everyday Entrepreneur Program. The goal is to create a model of proven approaches by organizations working to strengthen women entrepreneurship that can be easily replicated through similar partnerships in other states.

Social Good Fund in collaboration with the San Francisco Disability Business Alliance (SFDBA)

Training sessions for entrepreneurs

The mission of the San Francisco Disability Business Alliance (SFDBA) is to help individuals with disabilities achieve economic self-sufficiency through small business ownership and entrepreneurship. The SFDBA works to ensure that individuals with disabilities have an equal and inclusive opportunity to make their mark in the business world and that the Bay Area benefits fully from the expertise, diversity, and innovation these businesses and individuals have to offer. SFDBA will offer training sessions to assist entrepreneurs with the resources and tools to strengthen and scale their businesses and contribute to the prosperity of society by equipping them through mentoring, resources, and access to capital. The Social Good Fund works to create and establish positive influences for individuals, communities, and the environment and is the fiscal sponsor for the San Francisco Disability Business Alliance. 

Black and Brown Founders in collaboration with My Money My Future

“THRIVE Initiative”

My Money My Future (MMMF), in partnership with Black and Brown Founders, launched the THRIVE Initiative to educate and activate 1 million Black and Latino investors. The initiative will raise awareness about building intergenerational wealth to ensure communities of color have access to the tools, programs, and technology that will allow them to become investors and create long-term financial mobility. The initiative will leverage a cross-section of strategic partnerships and social channels to deliver financial education workshops, webinars, and community events focused on topics such as retirement planning, investing, insurance and entrepreneurship.

Central European University

“The Energeia Project”

Central European University’s Innovations Lab (iLab) is a start-up incubator that creates economic opportunity in Central and Eastern Europe by nurturing a culture of disciplined entrepreneurship. The Energeia Project is the iLab’s pilot program, in partnership with Startup Hub Poland, to promote the advancement of female entrepreneurship in Hungary and Poland by establishing an ecosystem of support to reach 200 underrepresented women. The Energeia Project will kick off with a baseline study of existing and emerging trends amongst underrepresented female entrepreneurs, followed by three tiers of direct support: a Community of Practice; start-up incubation for entrepreneurs; and the Energeia Award for Women in Entrepreneurship. 

Building Upon Our Legacy
years of foundation work
Nasdaq Foundation 1
Our Role Reimagined
Since its establishment in 1994, the Foundation has worked tirelessly to connect business, capital and innovative ideas to advance global economies.
Building Upon Our Legacy
years of foundation work
Our reimagined Nasdaq Foundation will leverage Nasdaq’s role in the capital markets to equip under-represented communities with the financial knowledge to better empower them to build a prosperous future and participate in an ecosystem that supports and sustains their growth.
Jailan Griffiths, Vice President and Head of Purpose at Nasdaq


Our Commitment to Purpose

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