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    Nasdaq Governance Solutions is committed to enabling companies of all sizes and people of all backgrounds to come together and prosper. When it comes to corporate governance, we partner with you in working towards a better tomorrow.

    Governance Trends & Insights

    Research from Nasdaq's Leaders

    Why Human Capital Management Matters

    Companies and their boards recognize that human capital is a critical asset in driving long-term value. Find out how company values are shifting to accelerate human capital management.

    A Guide to Planning and Executing Virtual Board Meetings

    Following a year of virtual meetings, Nasdaq’s corporate governance team found ways to digitize the boardroom—without compromising efficiency, confidentiality, or group dynamics—to help facilitate a stronger, more engaged board.

    7 Key Areas of Corporate Governance to Focus on This Year

    The “new normal” presented organizations with opportunities for improvement and innovation. Boards should be evaluating the current competitive landscape and refining their strategies to expand reach, drive efficiency, and disrupt their industries.

    How Cognitive Diversity Affects Board Performance

    Diversity of thought can be harnessed to improve board effectiveness, and the rewards can be substantial for companies that get it right. Take a closer look at the transformative effect of cognitive diversity on board performance.

    How Innovative Technology is Transforming the Boardroom

    The landscape of corporate governance and role of the board has changed significantly over the past year. So what are top organizations doing to drive governance excellence? Adopting a modern approach to corporate governance practices. Explore how innovative technology is transforming the boardroom.

    How Boards Responded to the COVID-19 Business & Societal Crisis

    Nasdaq partnered with Stanton Chase to survey directors, CEOs, and other C-suite level executives from over 250 companies in 42 countries to understand the critical role boards are playing during this extreme period of volatility.

    Driving Excellence Video Series

    We’re joined by today’s leaders who are reimagining solutions to problems, influencing business, and pursuing excellence. Focused on key corporate governance topics, we find out what these leaders believe is key to driving excellence.

    Best Practice Guides & Templates

    The Value in Board Evaluations

    Is there room for improvement on your board? At Nasdaq, we believe that governance excellence is grounded in commitment to continuous improvement. Download the guide to discover how a well-structured board evaluation can be an effective driver of engagement.

    Is Your Board Prioritizing Cybersecurity? 7 Questions to Ask

    Technology should empower your organization and its board to operate at their fullest potential—without putting confidentiality of data at risk. Nasdaq identified 7 key questions for boards to consider when assessing their cyber risk priorities.


    Digital solutions can help bolster engagement among leadership teams but may have hidden flaws that hinder workflows. Nasdaq outlines five tech headaches you may be dealing with and how to solve for them.

    Is Your Board Future-Ready? The Expertise You’ll Need

    A future-ready board adds value by driving your company's mission while making changes to reflect shifts in society. Balancing profit with purpose and prioritizing diversity are just the beginning. Read Nasdaq's Guide for 6 Ways to Ensure Future-Readiness.

    5 Keys to Powering Governance Excellence with Board Evaluations

    A strategically designed board evaluation process can foster board effectiveness by identifying growth opportunities, deepening alignment, and turning director feedback into strategic action. How can nonprofit boards reimagine their evaluation process?

    Building a Board Meeting Agenda

    Board meeting agendas are key to enhancing productivity and efficiency in the boardroom. Need a sample board agenda?

    How to Be an Effective Board Member

    Understanding the traits of an effective board member may be the first step to enhancing individual director effectiveness and refreshing boardroom dynamics.

    Promote Governance Excellence with Digital D&O Questionnaires

    D&O questionnaires help ensure accuracy in disclosures, promote efficiencies, improve responses, streamline reviews, save time, and lower costs. Discover the benefits of digitizing the D&O questionnaire process with a third-party platform.

    Taking Effective Board Meeting Minutes

    When it comes to board meetings, creating and maintaining a record of minutes is an essential good governance practice. Need sample board meeting minutes?

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    With trusted governance technology solutions, service, expertise, and community, organizations can drive excellence and create business value.

    What is a Board Portal?

    What is Board Portal Software?

    A board portal, like Nasdaq Boardvantage, is software for streamlining corporate governance processes.

    What is a DO Questionnaire?

    What is a D&O Questionnaire?

    A directors’ and officers’ (D&O) questionnaire turns a complex, paper-based questionnaire into a seamless, digital process.

    What are Board Evaluations?

    What are Board Evaluations?

    Board evaluations are used to assess and report on individual director and group performance.

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    Board Portal

    Designed for busy executives, Nasdaq Boardvantage® is an award-winning board portal for optimizing the entire workflow of meetings for better executive collaboration

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    Identify growth opportunities and strengthen director engagement with customized Board Evaluations and CEO & Management Evaluations



    Transform your paper-based workflows into dynamic, data-driven processes with our Digital Directors' and Officers' Questionnaires and Compliance Questionnaires

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    ESG Reporting

    Take control of your ESG story with sustainability reporting software to help simplify the process of ESG data capture, engagement, oversight, and disclosure

    Nasdaq Center for Board Excellence

    Nasdaq Boardvantage Board Portal and Board Management Software for Board Members and Executive Teams

    When leaders exchange ideas, the road to excellence widens and the opportunity to strengthen board leadership is enhanced.

    The Nasdaq Center for Board Excellence is a community and collaboration environment, in which board engagement is deepened and experiences are shared.