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Our technology solutions help over 500 organizations, from buy-and sell-side financial firms, to public and private entities

Nasdaq’s world-leading market technology powers more than 130 of the world’s market infrastructure organizations, including exchanges, clearinghouses, central securities depositories and regulators, in over 50 countries with end-to-end, mission-critical technology solutions.

Marketplace Technology Solutions

Trading and Matching Technology

Trading and matching technology solutions for marketplaces

Key Features
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of your trading operations
  • Capitalize on opportunities early and launch new markets quickly
  • Preserve your ecosystem — future-proof your infrastructure

Pre-Trade Risk Technology for Marketplaces

Multi-asset Risk Controls for Exchanges and Marketplaces.

Key Features
  • Flexible Protection
  • Improve Liquidity for Balance Sheet Optimization
  • Real-time Visibility of Member and Market Exposures

Index Calculation Technology

Intuitive index calculation platform that computes and disseminates multi-asset, multi-currency indexes.

Key Features
  • Create new revenue streams
  • Achieve greater brand visiblity
  • Improve stickiness in you marketplace

Marketplace Intelligence Technology

Data and analytics tools for exchanges, CCPs, banks and brokers.

Key Features
  • Improve your competitive edge
  • Identify hidden business opportunities
  • Build new offerings

Clearing Technology

Multi-asset, real-time clearing and settlement technology for CCPs.

Key Features
  • Leverage globally-proven technology
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of your clearing operation
  • Respond quickly to market changes

CSD Suite

Technology Solutions for Central Securities Depositories (CSDs)

Key Features
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Purpose-built for CSDs
  • Comprehensive coverage

Nasdaq Client Connect

Market Technology white label client connect solution for market operators globally

Key Features
  • Empower clients with self-services
  • Operational efficiency & service quality
  • Secure & user-friendly interfaces

Marketplace Advisory Services

Providing market operators, regulators, government bodies and start-ups with strategic and operational guidance.

Key Features
  • Get access to unique to exchange industry expertise
  • Test your ideas before going to market
  • Accelerate business opportunities

Non-Traditional Exchanges & New Market

Nasdaq Marketplace Services Platform

Uses Saas software to facilitates marketplace creation in the cloud with rapid time-to-market

Key Features
  • One service-based platform
  • Purpose-built for marketplaces
  • Reduce operational complexity

Cryptocurrency Exchange Technology

Trading and surveillance solutions powering resilient crypto markets

Key Features
  • Multi-asset Solution with Comprehensive Functional Coverage
  • High Performance Matching
  • Resilient Operations

Sports & Gaming Technology

Bringing proven technology to sports betting operators & sports integrity stakeholders.

Key Features
  • Proven Performance
  • Dynamic Scaling
  • Peace of Mind

Nasdaq Risk Modelling for Catastrophes

Nasdaq Risk Modelling for Catastrophes, previously ModEx, provides an independent multi-vendor risk modelling platform.

Key Features
  • Operate Cost Efficiently
  • Access the Widest Choice in Cat Modelling Globally
  • Fill Modelling Gaps

Sell-side Technology

Nasdaq Execution Platform

Benefit from over 20 years in market operating experience and best-in-class technology.

Key Features
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Cost Reduction
  • Resource Optimization

Nasdaq Risk Platform

Comprehensive risk management and execution infrastructure tools to help minimize risks.

Key Features
  • Real-time Risk Engine
  • Reduce Overfunding, Increase Transparency
  • Scalable Technology from an Operator of Markets

Nasdaq Data Discovery for Surveillance

Nasdaq SMARTS Data Discovery enables firms to pull queries and reports across trading and alert data for deeper insights

Key Features
  • Choose Aggregation Level
  • Define Query Conditions
  • Customize Output

Nasdaq Trade Supervision

Real-time, cross-asset solution for front-office monitoring of trading activities which may represent disorderly markets

Key Features
  • Detection of disorderly trading patterns
  • Full asset class coverage
  • Rapid alert delivery

Nasdaq Automated Investigator for AML

Key Features
  • Quality at Scale
  • Improved Investigation Quality
  • Increased Operational Efficiencies

Buy-side Technology

Nasdaq Fair Investor Allocation Reporting

Nasdaq Fair Investor Allocation Reporting performs side by side management analysis and allocates assets fairly equally

Key Features
  • Compliance with Regulatory Requirements
  • Transparency into asset allocation
  • Investor Confidence

Technology for Regulators

Nasdaq Market Surveillance for Regulators

The solution of choice for an off-the-shelf surveillance with proven monitoring capabilities for all types of trading

Key Features
  • Detect abuse
  • Visualize activity
  • Analyze cases

Regulatory Advisory

A broad range of regulatory intelligence to help your organization design your program to be on par with the market.

Key Features
  • Listing & Corporate Legal
  • Market Structure
  • Rules & Broker Compliance

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