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Our technology solutions help over 500 organizations, from buy-and sell-side financial firms, to public and private entities

Nasdaq’s world-leading market technology powers more than 130 of the world’s market infrastructure organizations, including exchanges, clearinghouses, central securities depositories and regulators, in over 50 countries with end-to-end, mission-critical technology solutions.

Marketplace Technology Solutions

Trading and Matching Technology

Trading and matching technology solutions for marketplaces

Key Features
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • High performance matching
  • Scalable for marketplaces of all sizes

Pre-Trade Risk Technology for Marketplaces

Multi-asset Risk Controls for Exchanges and Marketplaces.

Key Features
  • Flexible Protection
  • Improve Liquidity for Balance Sheet Optimization
  • Real-time Visibility of Member and Market Exposures

Index Calculation Technology

Intuitive index calculation platform that computes and disseminates multi-asset, multi-currency indexes.

Key Features
  • Create new revenue streams
  • Achieve greater brand visiblity
  • Improve stickiness in you marketplace

Marketplace Intelligence Technology

Data and analytics tools for exchanges, CCPs, banks and brokers.

Key Features
  • Improve your competitive edge
  • Identify hidden business opportunities
  • Build new offerings

Clearing Technology

Multi-asset, real-time clearing and settlement technology for CCPs.

Key Features
  • Leverage globally-proven technology
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of your clearing operation
  • Respond quickly to market changes

CSD Suite

Technology Solutions for Central Securities Depositories (CSDs)

Key Features
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Purpose-built for CSDs
  • Comprehensive coverage

Nasdaq Client Connect

Market Technology white label client connect solution for market operators globally

Key Features
  • Empower clients with self-services
  • Operational efficiency & service quality
  • Secure & user-friendly interfaces

Marketplace Advisory Services

Providing market operators, regulators, government bodies and start-ups with strategic and operational guidance.

Key Features
  • Get access to unique to exchange industry expertise
  • Test your ideas before going to market
  • Accelerate business opportunities

Non-Traditional Exchanges & New Market

Nasdaq Marketplace Services Platform

Uses Saas software to facilitates marketplace creation in the cloud with rapid time-to-market

Key Features
  • One service-based platform
  • Purpose-built for marketplaces
  • Reduce operational complexity

Digital Assets Suite

Facilitates the creation of efficient and trusted digital assets marketplaces

Key Features
  • Time-to-market
  • Seamless workflow
  • Ecosystem of services

Cryptocurrency Exchange Technology

Trading and surveillance solutions powering resilient crypto markets

Key Features
  • Multi-asset Solution with Comprehensive Functional Coverage
  • High Performance Matching
  • Resilient Operations

Sports & Gaming Technology

Bringing proven technology to sports betting operators & sports integrity stakeholders.

Key Features
  • Proven Performance
  • Dynamic Scaling
  • Peace of Mind

Sell-side Technology

Nasdaq Execution Platform

Benefit from over 20 years in market operating experience and best-in-class technology.

Key Features
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Cost Reduction
  • Resource Optimization

Nasdaq Risk Platform

Comprehensive risk management and execution infrastructure tools to help minimize risks.

Key Features
  • Real-time Risk Engine
  • Reduce Overfunding, Increase Transparency
  • Scalable Technology from an Operator of Markets

Nasdaq Trade Surveillance

Simplify the monitoring process with the most comprehensive cross-asset, cross-market surveillance technology

Key Features
  • Gain Transparency & Comply with Market Regulations
  • Reduce Operational Cost & Complexity
  • Future-Proof your Surveillance Program

Nasdaq Data Discovery for Surveillance

Nasdaq SMARTS Data Discovery enables firms to pull queries and reports across trading and alert data for deeper insights

Key Features
  • Choose Aggregation Level
  • Define Query Conditions
  • Customize Output

Nasdaq Trade Supervision

Real-time, cross-asset solution for front-office monitoring of trading activities which may represent disorderly markets

Key Features
  • Detection of disorderly trading patterns
  • Full asset class coverage
  • Rapid alert delivery

Nasdaq Automated Investigator for AML

Key Features
  • Quality at Scale
  • Improved Investigation Quality
  • Increased Operational Efficiencies

Buy-side Technology

Nasdaq Buy-Side Compliance

Nasdaq Buy-side Compliance provides asset managers and hedge funds with trade surveillance and regulatory compliance.

Key Features
  • Compliance with Regulatory guidelines
  • Increase Operational Efficiencies
  • Investor Confidence

Nasdaq Fair Investor Allocation Reporting

Nasdaq Fair Investor Allocation Reporting performs side by side management analysis and allocates assets fairly equally

Key Features
  • Compliance with Regulatory Requirements
  • Transparency into asset allocation
  • Investor Confidence

Technology for Regulators

Nasdaq Market Surveillance for Regulators

The solution of choice for an off-the-shelf surveillance with proven monitoring capabilities for all types of trading

Key Features
  • Detect abuse
  • Visualize activity
  • Analyze cases

Regulatory Advisory

A broad range of regulatory intelligence to help your organization design your program to be on par with the market.

Key Features
  • Listing & Corporate Legal
  • Market Structure
  • Rules & Broker Compliance

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