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    Marketplace Technology

    Technology solutions that support the full trade life cycle.

    Benefit from decades of capital markets experience— both from operating our own 28 exchanges, CCP, and CSD, as well as from providing technology to 130+ organizations around the world.

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    Offer efficient, secure, and fair trading with Nasdaq's innovative and globally recognized trading technology. Our versatile solutions support different types of marketplaces and asset classes, enabling markets to scale and develop their business with the highest standards for resilience, performance, and security.

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    Complementary Offerings

    Add value, safeguard market integrity, and expand your business with add-on services that integrate seamlessly with our trading technology. 

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    Nasdaq Risk Platform

    Comprehensive risk management tools that help banks and brokers minimize risks and maximize capital efficiency in increasingly regulated, latency-sensitive, and high-volume trading environments.

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    Post- Trade Technology

    Nasdaq Market Surveillance

    Maintain fair, transparent and safe markets with a robust platform for exchanges, marketplaces and regulators to manage cross-market, cross-asset, multi-venue surveillance.

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    Nasdaq Marketplace Technology

    Robust Capabilities Across the Full Trade Lifecycle

    Including risk management & governance, data management, intelligence, & service digitalization.

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    Powered by Nasdaq Financial Framework

    NFF is Nasdaq’s evolutionary harmonized approach to delivering robust end-to-end solutions to financial infrastructure providers in an open, agile environment.

    The framework consists of a single operational core that ties together the deep portfolio of Nasdaq’s proven business functionality across the trade lifecycle, in an open framework whereby exchanges, clearinghouses and CSDs can easily integrate Nasdaq’s business applications with each other, as well as other third-party solutions.

    In addition to being able to integrate a broad range of business functions, NFF's unique, purpose-built design enables end user firms to easily leverage the latest in technology developments (for example: Blockchain and Machine Learning) and bring new functionality to market more quickly.


    Nasdaq Marketplace Technology Solutions

    Currently, 130+ marketplaces around the world leverage Nasdaq’s technology. Nasdaq’s trading and surveillance technology can support multiple types of marketplaces including traditional capital markets operators, as well as new marketplaces such as cryptocurrency, real estate, carbon credits and more.

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    Cryptocurrency & digital assets, carbon credits, spot commodities, commercial real estate, luxury goods, and more. Nasdaq’s trading and surveillance technology is reliable and scalable, allowing you to grow and expand with the addition of new asset types as needed.

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