Nasdaq Longitude: Pari-mutuel Calculation Technology

facilitates wagering innovation in sports & gaming.


Longitude is our Enhanced Pari-mutuel Calculation Technology. 

Longitude gives sports betting and race track operators the ability to offer a wider range of bet types, a richer display of odds data, and bigger pools with more stable odds. By allowing a range of different types of wagers on an individual race or sporting event to be aggregated into merged pools, Longitude makes more efficient use of existing liquidity. Furthermore, the technology can generate additional liquidity by allowing new bet types to be launched directly into existing pools.

How does Longitude work?

*Longitude LLC is licensed and regulated in Great Britain by the Gambling Commission under account number 37629.

How can Longitude help your sports & gaming organization?

Ability to display odds for all wager types for single or multi event pools

Adds a new degree of transparency and provides bettors with more information.

Previously unattainable levels of pool liquidity and integrity

One large pool is more capable of absorbing large wagers and odds are more difficult to shift or manipulate.

Ability to add new and unique bet types

Flexibility to offer new bet types without the need to create new pools, giving the operator more room to be creative within existing liquidity.

Nasdaq's Longitude Technology
Horse race
Wagering via Longitude to date (USD)
Learn more about Nasdaq's Longitude technology
Nasdaq's Longitude Technology
Hong Kong Jockey Club
Longitude technology is an essential part of our efforts to become the best wagering platform in the world.
Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges, CEO of Hong Kong Jockey Club
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Find out how the Hong Kong Jockey Club is using Nasdaq's Longitude technology to power their pari-mutuel calculation.
Learn more about how Hong Kong Jockey Club is using Longitude technology

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It is a pari-mutuel technology platform that can facilitate innovation and liquidity in horse racing and sports betting, as well as the pricing and settlement of markets on a range of financial and naturally occurring events, such as credit, economic statistics, and weather.
The Longitude Enhanced Pari-Mutuel System™ allows for multiple types of wagers on each individual race or sporting event to be combined into a single pari-mutuel pool. The multiple pool framework used by today’s existing platforms was necessary when originally implemented for racing over 80 years ago (e.g. win bets had to go into the win pool, place bets had to go into the place pool), but has not evolved meaningfully since that time, despite the advances in computing technology that have occurred.
The Longitude Enhanced Pari-Mutuel System™ facilitated the trading of financial contracts on economic events such as the release of the non-farm payroll number or the consumer price index, which presented investors with a hedging opportunity in advance of these market moving events. The platform has been completely reengineered and now brings a new level of sophistication and advanced computing technology to the horse racing and sports betting industries, and it also expands on the original financial markets offering.
The Longitude Enhanced Pari-Mutuel System™ is able to combine different wager types from an individual event into one pool and can use those wagers to determine the likelihood of all possible outcomes of the event. Odds for all wager types can be calculated in real time with processing speeds that significantly exceed current industry standards.
Yes. On January 19, 2014, The Hong Kong Jockey Club announced its adoption of the Longitude technology to support the relaunch of its Quartet bet type. In January 2015, The Hong Kong Jockey Club expanded its use of Longitude to also power its First 4 bet. With this successful expansion, the HKJC became the first operator in the world to merge bet pools by offering a combined “Quartet and First 4 Merged Pool.”
Longitude has entered into an agreement with Tabcorp who will be implementing Longitude technology to deliver next generation pari-mutuel wagering to its New South Wales, Victoria, and ACT TAB customers.
No. Although some operators may prefer to aggregate all of the bet types on an individual race, a Longitude implementation can be tailored specifically to an operator’s needs. For example, some operators may prefer to combine only their exotic wager types and run the more traditional wager types through Longitude as discrete pools. Longitude-calculated discrete pools containing only one wager type result in the same odds as would be calculated by a traditional tote system.
The Longitude Enhanced Pari-Mutuel System™ enhances the existing wagering experience by aggregating liquidity, facilitating innovation, and providing information to the end user that was previously unavailable. Many stakeholders have the opportunity to participate in and benefit from a Longitude implementation. Benefits include:

- Aggregated Liquidity: patrons can place large bets without having as significant an impact on the odds as those bets would have had using the traditional system.
- New Bet Types: operators can offer a wide variety of new bet types (e.g. exotic, international, user-defined) without the need to create new pools, which would cannibalize existing liquidity.
- Transparency: Accurate odds can be provided across all wager types - including all exotic bets - in real time.
While the math behind Longitude Enhanced Pari-Mutuel System™ is sophisticated, the end user's experience will remain familiar. The technology provides the patron with all of the features of the traditional system, with additional capabilities and more flexibility. The transition is non-disruptive to the patron.

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