Buy-Side Technology

Human and data-driven services that support the front, middle and back office: from asset gathering and trading to surveillance and regulatory compliance.

Complete Support Across the Investment Lifecycle

Nasdaq's solutions for the buy-side help traditional and alternative asset managers of all sizes navigate an ever increasingly complex and competitive landscape. From identifying new investment opportunities to providing a wide range of liquidity options and keeping reputations safe with risk and compliance solutions, Nasdaq is your partner to build, diversify and protect investor wealth. 


Nasdaq Buy-Side Compliance

Nasdaq Buy-side Compliance provides asset managers and hedge funds with trade surveillance and regulatory compliance.

Key Features
  • Compliance with Regulatory guidelines
  • Increase Operational Efficiencies
  • Investor Confidence

Nasdaq Fair Investor Allocation Reporting

Nasdaq Fair Investor Allocation Reporting performs side by side management analysis and allocates assets fairly equally

Key Features
  • Compliance with Regulatory Requirements
  • Transparency into asset allocation
  • Investor Confidence

Investment Ideas & Asset Gathering

Nasdaq Fund Network

Increases Product Transparency with a Unique Symbol & NAV Distribution.

Key Features
  • Enhanced Discoverability
  • Greater Transparency
  • Amplified Reach


Nasdaq Options and Futures Market Data

Nasdaq Options and Futures Market Data delivers real time & historical derivatives data from the top global markets.

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