How Tokenized Real Estate Assets Are Redefining the Market

Real estate tokenization decreases the barrier to entry and opens up opportunities for retail investors and property builders.

Tokenized Real Estate

The commercial real estate market offers an attractive opportunity for investors to diversify their portfolios and earn returns, however the expensive initial investment creates a significant barrier to entry for the average investor or property builder. Taking the real estate investment market to the next level and making it accessible to a wider investor base requires improving efficiency in the initial investment process and the ongoing management and administration of property holdings. Tokenized real estate may be the answer. 

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What Are the Benefits of Real Estate Tokenization?

Improve Access to the Market

Tokenized real estate can open the market to a larger set of investors as properties can be fractionalized and traded in affordable shares.

Automating Processes

The use of DLT can remove time-consuming reconciliation processes between multiple parties by offering an immutable record of ownership.

Deepens Liquidity

Real estate tokens can be traded transparently on a secondary market, facilitating liquidity of the assets.

Nasdaq Provides Technology to
Marketplaces in 50+ Countries Around the World
How to Tokenize Real Estate
Implemented with an enterprise DLT platform, Nasdaq’s technology offers a seamless workflow throughout the entire lifecycle of tradeable assets, from issuance of native and asset-backed tokens, through trading, settlement and custody of assets and funds.
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Nasdaq Provides Technology to
Marketplaces in 50+ Countries Around the World
Real Estate Exchange
Real estate has historically traded hands over the course of years. Nasdaq is providing us with the technology to make it happen in under a second.
Drew Sterrett, CEO
How LEX Aims to Revolutionize Real Estate Securities Trading
LEX, the commercial real estate securities marketplace, leverages the Nasdaq Marketplace Services Platform for trading technology. This allows LEX to unlock previously unavailable matching opportunities between property owners, retail and institutional investors at speed and scale.
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