Nasdaq Total Returns

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Annual Performance

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Total Return Index Values

The total return index values include reinvestment of all cash distributions of index members on the ex-date. The total return index value of each index is calculated daily and shows the price appreciation or depreciation plus dividend yield of the component securities. It is equal to the previous day index value multiplied by the ratio of current price return index value plus cash distributions value to the previous day closing price return index value. The cash distribution value is determined by multiplying the value of each cash distribution on the ex-date by the security's index shares and dividing that value by the divisor of the price return index. The data points for these calculations, and conventions, are NASDAQ specific, and are the same as are used by NASDAQ for the calculation of their price-only indexes.

The total return index values for the NASDAQ Composite Index, NASDAQ-100 Index, and NASDAQ Biotechnology Index were synchronized to the value of original corresponding indexes at the close on September 24, 2003. The America's Community Bankers NASDAQ Index was synchronized to the value of the original index at the close on December 4, 2003.