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    ESG at Nasdaq

    Environmental, Social and Governance

    At Nasdaq, we are committed to catalyzing progress towards a more sustainable tomorrow. At the epicenter of the capital markets and technology, we’re uniquely positioned to lead the acceleration of ESG excellence by empowering our communities with strategic solutions that have measurable and lasting impact.

    Our Commitment

    Adena Friedman

    "More than ever before, ESG is becoming central to corporate strategy. Yet, companies are navigating through this massive transition with fragmented disclosure regimes and without the right tools. We can change that."

    Carbon Neutral

    We offset our Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions in 2018 and 2019 — and are on track to maintain carbon neutrality going forward.

    Reporting & Rating

    Nasdaq's annual reports are in accordance with GRI Standards. Our ESG efforts are in the top 7%, according to Sustainalytics.


    We are a signatory of UN Global Compact and the UN Principles of Responsible Investment.

    Making an Impact


    The Purpose Initiative

    Advancing economic progress for all by creating more equitable opportunities and contributing to a more sustainable world.

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    Nasdaq Foundation

    Equipping under-represented communities with the financial knowledge to share in the wealth that markets create.


    Diversity, Equity and Culture

    Creating a culture of belonging and equality in the workplace by attracting and retaining a diverse workforce.


    Nasdaq Goodworks

    Identifying new philanthropic and employee volunteer opportunities with local charities and non-profit organizations that promote diversity in entrepreneurship and investor engagement

    Latest ESG News

    Enhance ESG Excellence

    Unlock the Opportunities of Tomorrow

    Embrace the Era of Impact

    Forward-looking organizations are putting ESG at the center of their corporate strategy to anticipate and navigate the challenges of tomorrow while implementing the right solutions to minimize risk and maximize impact.

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    To survive and thrive in the era of impact, companies must navigate and adapt to regulatory changes and evolving ESG norms. This means leveraging the right solutions to help drive positive business outcomes.


    ESG integration is not a one-and-done implementation. It is a living, breathing process that evolves over time, adapting to bold demands and better data, to be more efficient and effective.


    Living in the era of impact means constantly looking for new ways to accelerate and deliver better outcomes. Whether seeking to minimize risk or maximize profits, a robust ESG strategy is key to creating impact.

    Serving Corporate & Investment Communities

    Our Solutions

    With our future-forward expertise, tools and technologies, empower true purpose and drive real impact, building sustainable markets and resilient businesses. From ESG reporting tools and data feeds to ESG-centric indices and sustainable bonds, we are committed to supporting your ESG strategy with innovative offerings designed to increase transparency and reduce friction. Explore how all our ESG offerings serve the corporate and investment communities.


    ESG Insights

    Driving Real Impact and Creating Sustainable Markets

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