ESG At Nasdaq

    Environmental, Social and Governance

    At Nasdaq, we are committed to catalyzing progress towards a more sustainable tomorrow. At the epicenter of the capital markets and technology, we’re uniquely positioned to lead the acceleration of ESG excellence by empowering our communities with strategic solutions that have measurable and lasting impact.

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    More than ever before, ESG is becoming central to corporate strategy. Yet, companies are navigating through this massive transition with fragmented disclosure regimes and without the right tools. We can change that.

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    Latest ESG News

    Nasdaq’s Net-Zero Target Approved by The Science Based Targets initiative

    Nasdaq is committed to using its environment, social, and governance (ESG) efforts to lead the shift toward creating more sustainable capital markets. Guided by our purpose to drive economic progress for all, Nasdaq seeks to extend its impact beyond its operations by empowering markets and communities with strategic solutions that have measurable and lasting impacts.

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    Nasdaq Commits to Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics Initiative

    Sep 21, 2021
    Nasdaq Head of Global Reporting and Corporate ESG Chantal Wessels joins Jill Malandrino on Nasdaq #TradeTalks to discuss the Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics Initiative and how ESG is core to Nasdaq’s corporate strategy.

    Over 50 Companies Reporting on Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics as International Support Grows

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    Towershot of Nasdaq Committing to World Economic Forum Capitalism Metrics Initiative

    A Unified Approach to Stakeholder Capitalism

    The ESG Imperative


    Through The ESG Imperative, explore the trends and transformations defining the future of ESG. Learn from industry experts as they discuss topics ranging from the changing ESG regulatory landscape to the rise of impact-driven investing. 

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    Embrace the Era of Impact



    To survive and thrive in the era of impact, companies must navigate and adapt to regulatory changes and evolving ESG norms. This means leveraging the right solutions to help drive positive business outcomes.



    ESG integration is not a one-and-done implementation. It is a living, breathing process that evolves over time, adapting to bold demands and better data, to be more efficient and effective.



    Fast Forward


    Living in the era of impact means constantly looking for new ways to accelerate and deliver better outcomes. Whether seeking to minimize risk or maximize profits, a robust ESG strategy is key to creating impact.


    Our Solutions

    With our future-forward expertise, tools and technologies, empower true purpose and drive real impact, building sustainable markets and resilient businesses. From ESG reporting tools and data feeds to ESG-centric indices and sustainable bonds, we are committed to supporting your ESG strategy with innovative offerings designed to increase transparency and reduce friction. Explore how all our ESG offerings serve the corporate and investment communities.

    Green Equity Indexes

    Nasdaq provides a complete family of environmental indexes, tracking the growing clean-energy sector, also known as the “Green” Indexes. The Indexes is comprised of companies working to enhance economic development based on reduction of carbon usage.

    ESG Data Hub

    Nasdaq's ESG Data Hub connects pioneering ESG data providers with the global investment community, providing ESG intelligence on otherwise unseen segments of global markets. 

    Nasdaq Sustainable Bond Network

    The Nasdaq Sustainable Bond Network connects issuers of sustainable bonds with investors, empowering them to evaluate impact and make informed investment decisions on sustainable bonds.

    Corporate ESG

    Nasdaq helps companies of all ESG maturity levels through a unique combination of technology, tools, data, insights and capital market solutions. These offerings are backed by our own experience as a public company, applying and honing these practices over our tenure as a market leader.

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    Our Commitments

    The Purpose Initiative

    Empowering women and under-represented communities to build a prosperous future and participate in an ecosystem that supports and sustains their growth

    Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

    Creating a culture of belonging and equality in the workplace by attracting and retaining a diverse workforce.


    Nasdaq Foundation

    Equipping under-represented communities with the
    financial knowledge to share in the wealth that markets

    Nasdaq GoodWorks

    Identifying new philanthropic and employee volunteer opportunities with local charities and non-profit organizations that promote diversity in entrepreneurship and investor engagement

    ESG Insights

    Here's How Etsy's ESG Strategy is Driving Long-Term Value for its Stakeholders

    Nasdaq ESG Trendsetters: Etsy

    Nasdaq's ESG Trendsetters series highlights the top ESG professionals and teams around the world who go the extra mile in their evolving ESG roles. Discover how leading ESG companies are incorporating ESG factors into their corporate strategy and achieving meaningful impact.

    Advisory Intelligence: Evaluating Your Investor-Facing ESG Story

    Issuers need to understand the complicated landscape of ESG reporting frameworks and data providers in order to own their own stories. Learn how IR teams can build a compelling investor-facing ESG story.


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    Tomorrow's Capital Podcast

    In season 3 of Tomorrow’s Capital, Nasdaq’s Global Head of Sustainability Evan Harvey guides listeners through ESG initiatives with the thought leaders, market influencers and industry titans who are at the vanguard of a changing economic landscape.

    Why Human Capital Management Matters Banner

    Why Human Capital Management Matters

    Human capital is a critical asset. From improving employee wellness programs to accelerating diversity, equity and inclusion, companies are looking at how human capital management drives long-term value. Discover examples of changing company values.