Technical Information - INET Nordic Trading Platform

INET Nordic is the Nasdaq trading platform for Nordic and Baltic equities trading.



INET Nordic is the Nasdaq trading platform for Nordic and Baltic Equities trading and for publication of OTC Trade Reports (APA).

This area is used to distribute all INET Nordic related technical information such as connectivity, protocol specifications, frontend application, enhancements, production & test environments information, testing and certification necessary for successful member, broker and Independent Software Vendor (ISV) integration.

Exchanges traded on INET Nordic are Nasdaq Copenhagen A/S, Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd, Nasdaq Iceland hf. and Nasdaq Stockholm AB. Nasdaq Nordic also include Nasdaq Baltic that respectively refers to Nasdaq Riga, Nasdaq Tallinn and Nasdaq Vilnius.

All INET Nordic functionalities and order types at a glance is to be found in the Quick Guide to the INET Nordic Cash Equity Market Model. Find more information in the INET Nordic Market Model which is available under Rules & Regulations - Nordic Member Rules.

Find more information about Nasdaq OTC Trade Reporting Service – APA

In order to access INET Nordic you need to connect to our data centers VASBY and PORT. This can be achieved by direct links, via an authorized extranet/VPN provider, Nasdaq co-location service or Nasdaq Point-of-Presence (PoP) services in London and Frankfurt. Visit Connectivity European Markets to learn more.

To apply for access to INET Nordic, fill in the Port Request Form, or apply for Nordic Workstation accounts*, via Nasdaq Member Portal or contact Ports and other technical services are invoiced in accordance to the Nasdaq Nordic Technical Services Pricelist.

* Nordic Workstation is a web-based application offered for both extranet and internet connections.

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INET Nordic & Baltic Production, Testing and Conformance information.

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