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Nasdaq Stockholm (Stockholmsbörsen)


Trading at Nasdaq Stockholm is governed by the Issuer Rules, the Member Rules and the Warrant Rulebook. Nasdaq Stockholm also operates First North, an MTF in Sweden that is subject to a separate Rulebook.

Nordic Main Market Rulebook for Issuers of shares shall enter into force for Nasdaq Helsinki on 1 March 2021.


For a comprehensive view on Nordic Equity- and Fixed Income-related trading fees, please see the following links:

ISSUER RULES - Regler emittenter

Listing requirements are a vital part of a listing. There are requirements to become listed as well as ongoing requirements that need to be fulfilled while the company is listed.

Disclosure rules regulate the procedures on when and how listed companies disclose information to the market. All information that is likely to materially influence the valuation of a listed company must be published in a way that ensures that it reaches all market participants simultaneously. The rules for issuers with regards to shares are in substance harmonized between all four (4) exchanges, especially the listing requirement and disclosure rules.

Please find the Issuer Rules and answers to FAQ below in the Resource Center

Corporate Governance

The Swedish Code of Corporate Governance (the Code) is considered an expression of generally accepted practice in the Swedish securities market.

A listed company shall conduct its business in accordance with generally accepted practice in the Swedish securities market. As a result the Code is indirectly a part of the rules of Nasdaq Stockholm.

Swedish Corporate governance Code


Den svenska koden för bolagsstyrning (Koden) är ett uttryck för god sed på aktiemarknaden när det gäller bolagsstyrning. Börsnoterat bolag skall bedriva sin verksamhet i enlighet med god sed på aktiemarknaden och Koden ses som en kodifiering av dessa. Som en följd Koden är indirekt tillämplig en del av reglerna för Nasdaq Stockholm.

Svensk kod för bolagsstyrning

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Local Rules

Common Rules

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